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nizeX Inc.
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At nizeX, Inc., we took a unique approach to developing our CRM system, "Lizzy." Instead of assembling code from other developers to make a final “cloud-based” solution, we actually wrote our own.  Rather than develop a product that we only sell, we utilize Lizzy to help run and manage every aspect of our company.  Instead of telling customers the way they need to handle Customer Relationships, we've worked directly with them to develop Lizzy into a system that makes sense and manages their data in the way they need it to.

Product Description

“Lizzy” is a web-based SaaS solution that not only offers CRM but also has PDM and a full Business System built right in.  You can purchase the stand alone CRM module which includes CRM, Ticketing, Advanced Call Management, Calendar, Chat and Integrated Email knowing at the end of the day Lizzy can do so much more for you and your business management software needs.


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