Alterian: Customer Journey Orchestration Software

Alterian: Customer Journey Orchestration Software
  • 35 E. Wacker Drive
  • Suite 200
  • Chicago IL 60601
  • USA
  • Year Founded: 199
  • Ownership: Public
  • Number of Employees: 50 - 99
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Alterian (LSE: ALN) empowers marketers with an integrated marketing software platform combining database, online and operational marketing applications on a shared data infrastructure. The Alterian Integrated Marketing Platform makes it practical and cost effective for marketers to use actionable insight to execute an integrated marketing strategy across online and offline channels. It is the unique integration of analytics, content and execution through our industry leading tools, such as the Alterian Messenger email platform, and the award winning Content Management solutions, which enables marketers to drive a seamless, multi-channel customer experience. Alterian’s analytically-led software is delivered to approximately 1,000 marketing departments, across 26 countries, and an international network of more than 100 business partners, including marketing services providers, agencies and systems integrators. Its partners, such as Accenture, Acxiom, Allant Group, Cap Gemini, Carlson Marketing, Experian, Epsilon, InfoUSA, LogicaCMG, Merkle, Ogilvy One and Euro RSCG Worldwide, deliver Alterian software alongside their own domain and services expertise to help market leaders such as Princess Cruises, General Motors, Zurich, Astra Zeneca, HSBC, Limited Too, AEGON, Avis, Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment, Dell, Amnesty International and Vodafone integrate marketing processes and drive competitive advantage. For more information about Alterian, products within the Alterian Integrated Marketing Platform or our Partner Network, please visit

Product Description

The Alterian Integrated Marketing Platform manages the people, processes, and applications that have often been autonomous marketing functions. The Alterian Integrated Marketing platform supports different marketing users, functions, and the daily activities to execute those processes across the entire organization. From database marketing, operational marketing, email marketing to content management. Running through the entire platform is an analytical capability enabling marketers to gain insight into their data by using intuitive, easy to use, visual segmentation tools. It provides answers to marketers' questions by analyzing all of the information associated with each individual customer or prospect in the entire database in a matter of seconds. The detail of this granular information and the speed at which it is analyzed encourages a thorough exploration of customer behavior, which in turn enables truly targeted activities delivered through Alterian's integrated campaign planning and execution modules. This approach supports a unique 'train of thought' analysis capability which complements a marketer's typical working practice. Making it practical and cost effective to drive an integrated marketing strategy across online and offline channels.

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