CRM Featured Articles

Cloverpop Launches Decision Management Solution

The solution comprises a system of record, analytics capabilities, and AI.

Autopilot Launches Annotate and Collaborate Marketing Tool

The new feature is designed to help marketers collaborate on customer journeys in real time.

Totango Announces General Availability and New Features for Spark, Its Customer Success Platform

The platform, as well as a new partnership with SAP, aims to make enterprise clients more customer-centric.

Vonage Announces Next-Generation Messaging Solution

The solution is comprised of two new APIs.

Adobe Announces Experience Cloud and Magento Commerce Cloud Integration

The announcement comes on the heels of the company's acquisition of Magento Commerce earlier this year.

What to Look for in Cloud CRMs (Video)

SMB Group Co-founder & Partner Laurie McCabe explains how SMBs can find the right cloud CRM for them and use it as a springboard for growth in this clip from CRM Evolution 2018.

Reltio Announces Support for Salesforce Customer 360 and the Open Data Initiative

Reltio aims to enhance Customer 360 as well as Adobe, Microsoft, and SAP's initiative by continuously unifying and organizing data while making it universally accessible.

Key Challenges of Digital Transformation for SMBs (Video)

SMB Group Co-founder & Partner Laurie McCabe discusses the challenges small and medium businesses (SMBs) face when taking necessary steps toward digital transformation in this clip from CRM Evolution 2018.

Arm Treasure Data Announces Audience Suite

The new application suite for marketers complements the vendor's Big Data profile set.

The Value of CRM Integration for SMBs (Video)

SMB Group Partner & Co-founder Laurie McCabe discusses the importance of integrating cloud CRM solutions with other applications for SMBs undergoing digital transformation in this clip from CRM Evolution 2018.

Customer Service Reps Say that Systems and Tools Are Their Biggest Challenge, Gartner Finds

Only 16 percent of reps find that systems and tools actually enhance their ability to handle customer issues. (Featured on

Mobile Has Made UX More Important than Marketing (Video)

Altimeter futurist and principal analyst Brian Solis explains why thinking and design need to change with the shift to mobile in this clip from his keynote at CRM Evolution 2018. Introduces Customer 360 at Dreamforce 2018

The new offering will unify customer data across Salesforce apps, and the company announced a partnership with Apple.

Adobe, Microsoft, and SAP Partner to Launch Open Data Initiative

The three companies are teaming up to help businesses connect data, find insights, and deliver intelligent services with artificial intelligence.

How to Align CX and Design (Video)

Altimeter futurist and principal analyst Brian Solis discusses customer experience and design in this clip from his keynote at CRM Evolution 2018.

Adobe Acquires Marketo for $4.75 Billion

Marketo's marketing technology is expected to join Adobe's Experience Cloud.

Insightly Releases Advanced Customization Capabilities

Insightly users can now tailor their CRM applications to meet the specific needs of their businesses and industries.

How to Ensure You Have the Right Data in Your CRM System (Video)

Not all data belongs in your CRM system; to serve your goals effectively, you need to have the right data, as Diolachan Consulting's Edward Garry explains in this clip from CRM evolution 2018.

InsideView Announces Contact Cleansing and Email Validation Features

The new features are part of the company's InsideView Refresh CRM data cleansing solution.

Microsoft Launches AI and Mixed Reality Apps for Dynamics 365

Microsoft today introduced Dynamics 365 AI for Sales, Dynamics 365 AI for Market Insights, Dynamics 365 AI for Customer Service, Dynamics 365 Remote Assist, and Dynamics 365 Layout ahead of its Ignite conference next week.