3 Ways Generative AI Will Transform Sales Force Automation Platforms

Generative AI will revolutionize the sales force automation platform, enabling sales leaders to unleash new insights, engage customers in new ways, and take a new approach to deal strategy.

Technology Is Creating New Ways to Sell to Prospects. Here’s How.

Sales automation tools can be integrated into the sales funnel to make sales tasks quicker and easier, allowing salespeople to spend more time personalizing their interactions with buyers.

AI Is Ushering in a New Era of Customer Service: Autonomous Service

When AI is in charge of the initial customer engagement, handling routine tasks and resolving more requests, customer service agents are freed up to intervene in complex or emotional cases requiring a human touch.

The Value of Moving AI and Analytics to the Front Office

Various forms of AI and descriptive and predictive analytics have been used in the back office for decades, and we're now seeing them being brought into the front office to power personalization in customer engagement.

4 Ways to Show You’re Dedicated to Customer Happiness

Delight customers, drive business growth, and foster lasting loyalty by prioritizing appreciation, honesty, responsiveness, and ease of experience.

Sales Coaching for the Win: Rallying Your Reps to Optimize Performance and Drive Revenue

When sales leaders prioritize effective sales coaching—complete with cutting-edge technologies—they foster a culture that improves performance, increases productivity, and drives revenue results.

Customer Experience: Today’s Most Crucial KPI

If leadership decides to establish customer experience as a key performance indicator, the next question becomes: "How do you measure it?"

High-Growth U.S. Startups Are Missing a Big Revenue Driver: Localization

Use AI to Empower Agents, Not Replace Them

Don't add new channels and technologies without considering how it impacts your frontline agents.

How Technology Is Fueling a Change in Mindset About Workforce Management

By creating next-level employee experiences, contact centers are moving from micromanagement to agent empowerment.

What B2B Marketers Need to Know About Consumer Activists

Consumer activists aren't just consumers. They're business professionals too—and their personal values and beliefs are coming into play more and more when it comes to their B2B buying decisions.

How to Reimagine Customer Service and Support

Very few organizations today look holistically at methods to remove the demand by simplifying user experiences, helping build better products, or improving policy and procedures. Simply put, something has to change.

4 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty and Value via Digital Content

With consumers' digital experiences driving more sales, a unified approach to digital content can strengthen omnichannel experiences, attracting new customers while building the loyalty and lifetime value of existing ones.

Generative AI and the Contact Center: Embracing the Next AI Revolution to Augment CX

If companies integrate generative AI correctly into their contact centers, they'll meaningfully improve the customer experience (CX), boosting customer satisfaction, loyalty, and revenue.

Beyond the Quota: 5 Steps for Building an Effective Channel Sales Engine

Success comes down to establishing the right foundation for channel success and consistently showing value to both the partner and their customers.

The Evolving Landscape of Contact Centers: Embracing Technology and Empowering Employees

Processes for constant improvement, flexibility, and change management need to be baked into every aspect of contact center operations.

Cross-Border E-commerce Is Booming. Does Your Website Get It Right?

To build a thriving cross-border presence, brands and retailers must understand why consumers shop across borders and how to adapt their customer experience (CX) for different markets.

4 Ways to Hone Your Emotional Intelligence and Build a Great Team

Enhance team relationships by developing self-awareness, embracing challenges, expressing gratitude, and fostering transparency with your employees through emotional intelligence.

AI Can Help Eliminate Friction in the Customer Buying Journey

Discover how leveraging AI insights can help you identify and eliminate friction points in your customer journey to improve conversion rates, customer lifetime value, and brand reputation, ultimately resulting in a seamless and personalized customer experience.

3 Benefits Brands Gain by Prioritizing Product Content

Strong product content creates a unified brand presence, decreases the likelihood of returns, and increases brand loyalty.