For B2B Tech Firms, a Customer-Centric Approach Leads to Innovation

Being genuinely customer-centric is more than utilizing behavioral data. It means that the customer is at the center of your decision making, especially when it comes to innovation.

5 Ways to Reclaim Inactive App Users

There are a number of time-tested ways to re-engage users who have gone silent or inactive, and they can all mean a boost to a brand's bottom line.

5 Trends That Are Reshaping the Market Research Industry

Market research continues to play a crucial role in analyzing real-time market trends, competitive benchmarking, and customer intent behavior to provide that niche insight on which business decisions can be based.

The Key to Sales Success in a Digital Landscape? Make It Personal

Adding a personal touch to every stage of the sales process is the best way to stand out. Here's how to do it in the absence of in-person interaction.

5 Email Subject Lines Sales Prospects Simply Can’t Ignore

The follow-up email in sales can be one of the greatest challenges, but here are five subject lines that are harder for prospects to disregard.

4 Ways AI Can Improve the Customer Service Agent Experience

It's more important than ever for companies to improve the agent experience to reduce turnover going into 2022. Recent advancements in artificial intelligence could help.

Text Marketing Helps Brick-and-Mortar Brands Reimagine Digital Interactions

As brick-and-mortar marketers face first-party data priorities and look for technology updates to enable more one-to-one customer relationships amid COVID impacts, text marketing offers a commerce-driving channel that affords every smartphone-owning guest a direct line to ordering and offers.

CRM Is Key to E-Commerce Marketplace Success

Relationship building and maintenance are every bit as important for marketplace operators and vendors as they are for traditional retail and e-commerce sellers.

Ultimate Guide to Measuring Your Video Marketing Efforts

Video marketing shouldn't be any different from any other marketing process—it needs to be well planned, executed, and, most importantly, measured to test its success.

How to Plan Holiday Campaigns Amid the Global Supply Chain Disruption

The supply chain may be slow this holiday season, but marketers can't afford to be. Here's how marketers can move quickly to stay top of mind for consumers despite supply and shipping complications.

3 Ways to Move From Customer Service to Customer Care

Companies recognize that customer service representatives can be key brand ambassadors for their customers, so they're beginning to emphasize quality over quantity.

5 Ways Automating Your E-Commerce Business Can Drive Growth

By combining CRM, marketing automation, payment processing, and fulfillment processes, you can scale the services and products you sell online while providing a seamless, personable journey for your customers.

It’s Time to Make Relationships the Center of CRM

Here's what #relationshipgoals looks like in the business world—when we pay closer attention to, and score, our professional relationships like we do our personal ones. Relationships and retention are key foundations that every business needs to dial in to drive revenue.

Fixing the Gaps in the CX Supply Chain

Worldwide, we're seeing gaps in the supply chain due to shortages of products, but the CX economy is also experiencing gaps. Here's what can be done. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)

Hone Your Customer Focus with Returns Feedback

Listening to what the customer wants is the very essence of what great retailers do. But what if there was a whole array of very direct customer feedback that they weren't really using to its full effect?

Sales Teams Need to Work Smarter, Not Harder

Identify the roles that require access to key data to help reduce reporting and boost insights for operational decision making and performance.

Forget User Experience—Marketers Should Focus on Human Experience

Fostering engagement means marketers need to think about their audience as humans, not just as users, setting the brand apart from others by focusing on the aspirations and emotions behind decisions.

What the Cookieless Future Delay Means for Digital Marketers

When marketing is direct and consumer-choice-oriented and gives the opportunity for open and honest dialogue between customers and their brand of choice, all parties benefit.

The Great CX Debate: Should Customer Experiences Be Effortless or Exceptional?

Customer experience expert Jon Picoult explores whether teams should create exceptional, loyalty-enhancing moments for customers—or simply make it effortless for customers to do business with them.

8 Tips for Your Holiday Season Marketing Campaign

Holiday season marketing campaigns fill inboxes, but here's how to make yours attract the eyes of the customers you want.