4 Ways AI Turns Customer Engagement Into a Science

Artificial intelligence can harness data to make your business smarter, more effective, and more successful.

Sales Metrics Should Focus on Measuring Relationships, not Activity

Sales organizations should build on the most human of metrics, with the help, ironically enough, of artificial intelligence.

Reaching, Interacting With, and Measuring Today’s Empowered Digital Consumer

With so many touchpoints and channels to choose from, consumers have more knowledge and control than ever before. But the always-connected digital customer gives marketers unprecedented opportunities as well.

10 Tips for More Productive Sales Calls

Here are some proven tips for making your sales pitches more productive, according to the social dynamics of sales.

What AI Can and Can’t Do for Your Marketing Automation Process

There are some tangible benefits to adding artificial intelligence solutions to your marketing arsenal right now. But you'll need those human marketers around for the foreseeable future.

How Much Personalization Is Too Much?

Collecting your customers' data is essential to creating experiences that will keep them coming back, but the data should provide actual value, and their information needs to be staunchly protected.

How to Build a World-Class Sales Academy

Adobe made big changes to attract and retain the best sales talent. Here's how you can follow its lead.

3 Ways Big Brands Can Adopt a Small-Business Mind-Set

For big businesses looking to revamp their communications strategy, making changes from the outside in by adopting a small-business mind-set can fuel lasting engagements and build loyal customers.

How to Find and Track Your Real Customer

Begin by making your customer personas look more like your actual customers

4 Ways SPM Systems Keep Your Team Aligned and Focused in a Sea of Change

M&A mayhem may be coming to your sales team. Sales performance management can ensure that you're ready.

CCM Brings Customer Communications Under One Umbrella

As customer expectations and communication channels continue to multiply, customer communication management (CCM) solutions can reduce the chaos.

Blockchain Is One Emerging Technology Manufacturers Should Embrace

Manufacturing is not often synonymous with innovation. But by adopting blockchain technology, manufacturers can elevate their operations, performance, and customer trust.

8 Tips for Personalizing Your Email Campaigns

Personalization can be a potent weapon in a marketer's arsenal, yet blunders are far too easy (and common). Check out the dos and don'ts of e-mail personalization, with actionable advice marketers can take now.

The Wild West Days of Data May Be Over, But the Opportunities for Marketers Are Just Beginning

A new era of data privacy and regulation is upon us, and with it comes new roles and big opportunities for senior marketers.

Enterprise-Wide Customer Communications Management Turns Data Insights Into Action

Augmenting your CRM with a holistic customer communications management (CCM) approach can ensure your customer data not only provides insights but also makes those insights actionable.

Who Are the Best Targets of Loyalty Programs? Truly Loyal Customers

Highly satisfied customers are the ones who come back because they want to—not because you pay them. They should be your focus.

4 Lessons From Adventure Racing That Apply to Enterprise Consulting

Turns out that racing through the wilderness searching for checkpoints can be a little like building business relationships and helping clients achieve new levels or productivity and growth.

Take Your Company’s Customer Experience Efforts to the Community

Branded communities can capitalize on this emerging picture: Potential customers would much rather hear from their peers than they would from you.

3 Big Benefits of Integrating CRM and Sales Enablement

Pairing CRM with sales enablement ensures that sales reps will be more efficient, effective, and productive.

ICM and CRM Make Worthy Sales Management Partners

By integrating incentive compensation management and CRM systems, sales leaders and reps are armed with the insights needed to maintain motivation and perform the selling activities that boost the bottom line.