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The 6 Habits of the Modern Chief Marketing Officer

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The Single Most Effective Sales Strategy: Word of Mouth

Getting referrals is the best way to close more deals, generate more value, and retain customers for longer. But don't take our word for it. Here's the data and science to back it up.

The Sales-Customer Relationship Needs Clear Give-and-Take

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Sales Enablement vs. Sales Engagement: What’s the Difference, and Why You Need Both

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The Case for Integrating CRM and Marketing Automation (Video)

X2CRM CEO David Buchanan explains why CRM and marketing automation systems should be integrated rather than silo'd in this clip from CRM evolution 2018.

5 Lessons for Creating Best-in-Class Omnichannel Experiences

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6 Ways to Prepare Your Small Business Now for the Holiday Season

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What Start-Ups Can Teach Enterprises About the Customer Life Cycle

Enterprise marketers need a serious wake-up call on the need to create transactional and triggered email experiences that realize the full revenue potential of their most important customers—those they've already won.

Machine Learning Remakes the Sales Conversation

Forget the art of the deal; with AI and machine learning illuminating the patterns that result in successful sales, it's more like the science of the deal.

Rise of the Micro-Influencer: Turning Brand Users into Brand Advocates

For small and midsize businesses, micro-influencers are a cost-effective way to boost awareness, engagement, and sales.

Does Your Sales Force Automation Help Your Reps Actually Sell?

To boost productivity, client engagement, and the bottom line, SFA systems should prioritize the four V's: volume, velocity, value, and visibility.

Earning Consumer Trust Starts with Building Genuine Connections

To address the growing gap between brand message and public sentiment, the industry must hit the reset button, get back to its roots, and work to better understand, engage, and win consumers.

3 Questions to Ask About Any New Sales Tool

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4 Key Areas Customer Experience (CX) Leaders Must Master

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5 Questions to Ask When Scaling an E-Commerce Business

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4 Ways AI Turns Customer Engagement Into a Science

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Sales Metrics Should Focus on Measuring Relationships, not Activity

Sales organizations should build on the most human of metrics, with the help, ironically enough, of artificial intelligence.