How Poor Data Quality Leads to Wasted Marketing Dollars

Marketers have become numb to the waste and plow ahead hoping campaigns will yield positive returns. But implementing a unified taxonomy can solve poor data quality and cut down on media buy waste.

Real-Time Signals Real Customer Value: How Marketers Can Implement AI the Right Way

The difference in an AI solution's ability to gauge context in real-time will determine who wins and loses in today's extremely competitive market. With real real-time technology, companies use propensity models to rank and score customer actions to select the next best action for each individual.

Virtual Selling Is Here to Stay: Five Tips for Success

Virtual selling is a whole new style of sales. This realization is prompting chief revenue officers to reframe how they define success and how they support today's seller. To support these efforts, the role of sales technology must also evolve.

How AI-Driven Menu Clustering Can Drive Restaurant Sales

With AI, restaurant and convenience store marketers are turning mountains of loyalty program data into targeted campaigns that engage guests based on their unique behavior. Menu clustering identifies guest behavior from menu engagement and delivers more targeted and ultimately more successful campaigns and promotions.

Brands Must Create Video Campaigns That Stand Out

Despite the sheer volume of video to be found on the internet and social media platforms in particular, visual media tends to resonate most with customers. Separating your video from every other brand's will make or break the success of your campaign.

Stop Empowering Your Agents

Enabling agents to cross-sell and upsell or move to other channels needs the proper guardrails and supporting technologies and processes. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)

Algorithmic Retail: A Formula for Marketers to Connect with Customers

Retailers must extend their frontiers from analytics to artificial intelligence and algorithms, creating a differentiated brand experience and winning the long-term race for customer loyalty.

B2B Marketers Should Borrow These Three B2C Approaches

Because consumer buying behaviors and expectations are shaping B2B sales, B2B marketers should rethink their demand gen methods and use B2C approaches to connect with B2B customers.

Three States Lead the Way in Consumer Privacy Protections

Here's what you need to know about the California, Virginia, and Colorado laws and how to comply with them and others that might be coming. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)

Boosting Brand Affinity with Personalization in the Digital Age

Personalization needs to go beyond the surface level of a product to include the ways in which the company communicates, interacts with, and caters to customers.

Why Your Sales Managers Lack the Coaching Skills to Drive Results

Even though preparing sales leaders requires a multifaceted approach tailored to each individual, most training programs simply focus on the skill of leading.

It’s Time for B2B Suppliers and Buyers to Win Together

B2B organizations need to collaborate with their customers to put value at the center of the customer experience and prove value delivery.

Top Takeaways from the Salesforce 2021 Marketing Intelligence Report

Improving visibility into marketing ROI, using data to support business objectives, and examining the role of cross-channel marketing are among the most pressing issues.

Get Better Clarity with These 4 B2B Marketing Metrics

With the sheer amount of data and analytics to which today's B2B marketers have access, it's easy to get off-track. Here are the metrics that matter.

Voice of the Product: Devices Are Talking, and It’s Time We Start Listening

We are missing out on an important part of the equation between a customer and a business: the product. It is time to start giving it a voice.

How to Sell to Anyone

Successful salespeople can anticipate and react to the changing needs of each individual they're pitching.

Data Enablement and the Dirty Secret Behind Automation

Everyone claims to be data-driven these days, but there's a difference between being merely "informed by data" and being truly data-driven.

Building the Cross-Company Customer Experience

Enterprises should not be expected to play the role of middlemen as they hire more and more vendors to address increasing customer experience demands.

How Partnerships Can Improve Your B2B Customer Experience

Building an ecosystem of B2B partnerships creates long-term value by improving the customer experience, increasing customer loyalty, and growing business overall.

Inconsistent Communication Is Costing You Customers. Here Are 5 Ways to Help

Consistency is vital to move the needle on both CSAT and performance. But growing globalization and new, complex trends have compounded the challenge of inconsistency—and multiplied its impact on results. Here's what to do about it.