Big Data CRM

Integrating big data into customer relationship management can help organizations drastically improve customer service and enhance the customer experience. Explore our latest news, analysis, and advice on big data CRM.


With Interactive Marketing, Digital Outreach Becomes Bidirectional

Companies can better respond to customer clicks and contacts to deliver more appealing offers in real time

Now Is the Right Time for Silo Busting

Sticking to structures that keep data and departments separate is bad for business

Machine Learning Reshapes the Marketing Landscape

Emerging solutions provide marketers with insights into program effectiveness, but they require a high degree of skill to fine-tune

Include Sales in Customer Intelligence

Marketing and service teams know where customers came from, but do your salespeople?


How to Find and Track Your Real Customer

Begin by making your customer personas look more like your actual customers

CCM Brings Customer Communications Under One Umbrella

As customer expectations and communication channels continue to multiply, customer communication management (CCM) solutions can reduce the chaos.

The Wild West Days of Data May Be Over, But the Opportunities for Marketers Are Just Beginning

A new era of data privacy and regulation is upon us, and with it comes new roles and big opportunities for senior marketers.

Machine Learning Can Turn Your Sales Team into Closers

By drawing correlations out of massive amounts of customer data, machine learning can better inform the sales process—and enable your reps to close more deals.


How to Build Digital Trust

Consumers have lost faith over data misuse. Here's how to restore it

This Month, It’s All About the Data

Companies can no longer afford to be so cavalier with valuable customer information

How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Transform Customer Engagement and Sales

By analyzing sentiment and contextualizing data, AI can help marketing, sales, and customer support

Your Customer Data Is Limitless, and So Is Its Value

Your company can either navigate the digital deluge, or be swamped by it.

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