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Making Contact Center Agents Successful in the Digital Era

Register for the upcoming eGain-CRM Magazine webinar to learn about today's state of agent experience (AX), root-causes of AX malaise, and the tools and best practices for success.

Sponsored by: eGain

Coming March 20, 2019

Measuring CX with Voice of the Customer and Journey Analytics

Join us on this webcast and find out to keep your CX on track!

Sponsored by: UJET, Medallia and InTouch

Coming April 24, 2019

The State of AI in Marketing

If marketing efficiently and effectively is important to you, join us on this webcast with our panel of experts!

Sponsored by: Genesys

Coming May 08, 2019

Data Quality: Critical Component for CRM Success

If managing data use to be considered extremely difficult, it's reached a whole different level with all of the many data sources available, structured and unstructured, that are available today. Join our panel of experts and see what's right for your company.

Sponsored by: ZoomInfo and Validity

Coming May 22, 2019

Digital Transformation: From Call Centers to Customer Engagement Centers

Join our panel of experts and find out how smart technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning and the newly envisioned customer engagement center promises to be the model of customer support and communications for the foreseeable future.

Sponsored by: Genesys and UJET

Coming June 05, 2019

Game Changing AppExchange Solutions for Your Salesforce Platform

If you are planning to get the most from your investment and leverage your value, join us in the ever popular webcast and find out how other companies have gotten the most out of the Salesforce ecosystem.

Sponsored by: CRM

Coming June 19, 2019

Smart Customer Service

Join our panel of experts and find out how smart technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning and the newly envisioned customer engagement center promise to be the model of customer support for the foreseeable future.

Sponsored by: Neustar

Coming July 17, 2019

Customer Relationship Marketing: The New CRM

Join our panel of experts and find out how customer relationship marketing can help your company or brand create long-term customers at every step of their journey.

Sponsored by: CRM

Coming July 31, 2019

Conversational AI for Better Customer Experiences

Join our panel of experts and find out how you can leverage these new technologies to build better experiences for your customers.

Sponsored by: NICE InContact and Concentrix

Coming August 07, 2019

Workforce Optimization: The Workhorse of Contact Center Management

Join our panel of experts and find out how you can leverage workforce optimization to better manage your contact center.

Sponsored by: CRM

Coming August 21, 2019

Customer Engagement -- Predictor or Driver of Customer Value?

Join our panel of experts and find out how you can gain insights into creating better customer engagement between brands and customers.

Sponsored by: CRM

Coming September 11, 2019

The IVR in the New Age of Voice

Join our panel of experts and learn why IVRs are poised to become your customers' favorite channel

Sponsored by: NICE and Concentrix

Coming September 25, 2019

Creating Efficient Customer Journeys

Join our panel of experts and learn how to create efficient customer journeys even for the most complex situations.

Sponsored by: NICE and Neustar

Coming October 09, 2019

Leading Self-Service Customer Support Trends in 2019

Join our panel of experts who will discuss the top self-service trends driving customer support in the age of connected, mobile customers with very high expectations.

Sponsored by: CRM

Coming October 23, 2019

2019 Contact Center Innovations

Join our panel of experts as they uncover which trends firmly took hold in 2019 and which trends are poised to play a bigger role in 2020.

Sponsored by: NICE and Verint

Coming November 06, 2019

AI-Assisted Sales in the B2B Marketplace

Join our panel of experts and find out how AI-assisted sales tools can help your team target the deals most likely to close and improve win rates.

Sponsored by: CRM

Coming November 13, 2019

Superior Decision Making with Customer Analytics

Join our panel of experts and find out how you can leverage customer analytics solutions to make better-informed decisions.

Sponsored by: NICE

Coming December 04, 2019


AI and the Contact Center: Radical revolution or methodical evolution?

Register for this round table webcast and learn how to start developing a long-term, cross-organizational AI road map, no matter what corner of the organization you are in.

Sponsored by: Talkdesk, Concentrix and Verint

Original Broadcast Date: Mar. 13, 2019

Every Moment Matters: The Rise of Omni-Digital Customer Engagement

Consumers today expect to be able to interact with companies whenever and however they choose.

Sponsored by: RingCentral

Original Broadcast Date: Mar. 06, 2019

Customer Experience Transformation in 2019

Join our panel of experts on this educational webcast and find out how your company can best transform their CX initiatives.

Sponsored by: Zendesk, Genesys and NICE InContact

Original Broadcast Date: Feb. 13, 2019

Real-Time Analytics for better Customer Experiences and more Loyal Customers

If your organization is curious to see how real-time analytics can advance your CX goals, you should attend this webcast.

Sponsored by: RedPoint and Nuance

Original Broadcast Date: Jan. 30, 2019

CRM Megatrends to Watch in 2019: Predictions from the Top Leaders Driving Change

Join our panel of experts and find out what to look for in 2019!

Sponsored by: eGain, NICE and X2CRM

Original Broadcast Date: Jan. 23, 2019

CX in 2019: The Necessity for Humanized Customer Engagement

We'd like to invite you to join ServiceNow and their guest, Paul Greenberg, President of The 56 Group. Paul will provide practical guidance on how to create more satisfied customers and establish lasting positive impressions.

Sponsored by: ServiceNow

Original Broadcast Date: Jan. 16, 2019

Designing the Blueprint for Data-Driven Customer Experiences

How can marketers automate and deliver real-time interactions in the age of the empowered consumer? The name of the game is connected data.

Sponsored by: RedPoint Global

Original Broadcast Date: Jan. 09, 2019

Proactive Customer Service - Anticipating Customer Needs

Join us on this roundtable webinar and learn how proactive customer care can differentiate your organization.

Sponsored by: Call Tracking Metrics, Customer Portfolios and NICE Nexidia

Original Broadcast Date: Dec. 05, 2018

The Anatomy of Great Sales Enablement

A Sales Enablement program can be the key to higher win rates and greater productivity. However, all effective Sales Enablement programs have a lot of moving pieces. To achieve a sustainable and successful program, all of the pieces must be working in harmony.

Sponsored by: Bigtincan

Original Broadcast Date: Nov. 28, 2018

Voice of the Customer Programs - From Listening to Action

Join us on this roundtable webinar and learn how Voice of the Customer programs can be used to improve service, satisfaction, and loyalty.

Sponsored by: Intouch Insight and NICE inContact

Original Broadcast Date: Nov. 07, 2018

Advanced Analytics for Better Customer Experiences

Join us on this roundtable webinar where our panel of experts will discuss how analytics can help you reach your strategic goals and differentiate your company with continuous CX improvement.

Sponsored by: Calabrio, Looker and NICE Nexidia

Original Broadcast Date: Oct. 24, 2018

2018 Contact Center Innovations

Join us on this roundtable webinar and learn about the latest innovations in the world of contact centers.

Sponsored by: Neustar, Verint, Cyara and NICE

Original Broadcast Date: Oct. 10, 2018

Business Intelligence and Analytics - a CRM Perceptive

Join us on the roundtable webinar where we will focus on business intelligence and analytics tools and their practical applications for CRM.

Sponsored by: Calabrio and CallMiner

Original Broadcast Date: Oct. 03, 2018

Transforming Customer Service with Artificial Intelligence

Join our panel of experts from Genesys, eGain, Radial, and Convergys on this seminal roundtable webinar and learn how AI can transform your customer service paradigm.

Sponsored by: Genesys, eGain, Radial and Convergys

Original Broadcast Date: Sep. 26, 2018

Real-World Lessons from T. Rowe Price on Building Client Trust and Loyalty

Join this webinar to hear Blake Morgan, the customer experience futurist, speak about how the future belongs to companies that "do more" for customers, and leverage the right technology to do so.

Sponsored by: servicenow

Original Broadcast Date: Sep. 19, 2018

Highly Effective Customer Experience Strategies

Join us on this roundtable webinar where our panel of experts will share their guidance for improving CX initiatives.

Sponsored by: Confirmit and CallMiner

Original Broadcast Date: Sep. 05, 2018

AI-Powered Sales Teams

Join us on this roundtable webinar and learn how to help sales people become more successful with AI sales tools.

Sponsored by: Bigtincan, Conversica and Aviso

Original Broadcast Date: Aug. 29, 2018

The New, Invisible Role of Channels in Customer Service

Join us for a conversation between Shep Hyken, a leading expert in the field of customer service and experience, and Anand Janefalkar, CEO and founder of UJET, as they discuss the role channels play in customer experience.

Sponsored by: ujet

Original Broadcast Date: Aug. 22, 2018

Choosing the Right Marketing Technology Stack

Join us on this new roundtable webinar where our panel of experts will take a look at the issues to be considered when building a well-planned marketing technology infrastructure.

Sponsored by: Looker

Original Broadcast Date: Jul. 25, 2018

Meet NEVA -- the World's First Employee Virtual Attendant

NEVA automates routine activities while employees attend to other tasks requiring their special skills.

Sponsored by: NICE

Original Broadcast Date: Jul. 18, 2018

Smart Customer Service that Wows Customers

Join us on this month's roundtable webinar where our panel of experts will look at how organizations can scan their customer service efforts and plan for improvements that will fix the gaps and wow their customers.

Sponsored by: Convergys and NICE

Original Broadcast Date: Jul. 11, 2018

Knowledge Management: Crucial for Customer Service Success

Join us on this roundtable webinar and find out how Knowledge Management can improve the quality of your customer service and productivity of your agents.

Sponsored by: Transversal and Radial

Original Broadcast Date: Jun. 26, 2018

Optimize Your Workforce: Intelligent WFO strategies for More Productive Agents

Join us in this month's expert panel roundtable webinar and find out the latest information on intelligent WFO solutions.

Sponsored by: Verint and NICE

Original Broadcast Date: Jun. 20, 2018

Best Practices on Leveraging the Salesforce AppExchange

Join us on our annual web event where we will focus on top AppExchange solutions for sales and marketing that will help you drive your sales productivity, make better decisions and accelerate your sales cycle.

Sponsored by: Conga

Original Broadcast Date: Jun. 13, 2018

Why Data and Infrastructure Are Key to Determining Customer Intent

Join Yieldmo, an advertising technology company and learn how Snowflake and Looker unleashed the potential of their mobile ad engagement data and drove more impactful marketing for their clients.

Sponsored by: Yieldmo, Snowflake and Looker

Original Broadcast Date: May. 31, 2018

Taking Customer Support from Cost Center to Brand Builder

Join Sheryl Kingstone from 451 Research and Jordan MacAvoy from UJET on this educational webcast and learn how to bring humans and technology together faster.

Sponsored by: UJET

Original Broadcast Date: May. 23, 2018

The ROI of Trusted Data in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The success of every interaction with your customers — from sales and marketing to customer service and retention — depends on easy access to trusted and complete customer data. However, maintaining the quality of that data is another story.

Sponsored by: Syncsort

Original Broadcast Date: May. 16, 2018

Actionable Insights with Predictive Analytics for Marketers

Traditional marketing analytics or scoreboards are essential for evaluating the success or failure of past marketing activities. But today's marketers want to be able to predict how future programs will fare before they are launched. Enter predictive marketing techniques like predictive modeling for customer behavior, predictive lead scoring, and all sorts of marketing strategies based on predictive analytics insights.

Sponsored by: NICE, Looker and RedPoint Global

Original Broadcast Date: May. 09, 2018

Mobile Customer Service - The First Line of Service

As smartphones have clearly become the preeminent mode of communications, the notion of delivering customer service via mobile devices has really taken off. Search on mobile devices will exceed those on desktop computers by 28 billion inquiries in 2017. Sixty-three percent of U.S. adults use mobile devices at least several times per month to seek customer support, and 90 percent have had poor experiences seeking customer support on mobile. Clearly, there is much work to be done in improving the mobile customer service channel.

Sponsored by: Genesys and Radial

Original Broadcast Date: May. 02, 2018

Getting Big Data in Shape - Quality, Cleansing, Data Management

What shape is your data in; is it ready to support the business analytics initiatives you're planning in 2018? In this Best Practices topic, we will looking for recommendations that our readers can use to prepare their data to provide relevant insights. What are the issues that need to be addressed when improving data quality, cleansing imperfect or incomplete data, and creating a master data management strategy that will yield meaningful results?

Sponsored by: Pitney Bowes, Melissa, Neustar and RedPoint Global

Original Broadcast Date: Apr. 25, 2018

The ROI of Humanizing Your Customer Service Engagements

Website AI and self-service have become the darlings of customer service cost control, with their ability to deflect expensive calls to customer service agents. But savvy customer service leaders know that every AI strategy needs to be backstopped with a "humanization strategy" – the escalation a customer can invoke when AI doesn't solve the problem and when frustrated customers need expert human help, immediately, or else!

Sponsored by: Glance

Original Broadcast Date: Apr. 18, 2018

5 CX Predictions for Your Digital Strategy

According to Forrester, 20% of CEOs will fail to act on digital transformation and put their firms at risk in 2018. This year is pivotal for companies to define themselves by, and for, the customer. The race is on; how is your business planning to optimize digital customer experiences?

Sponsored by: Medallia

Original Broadcast Date: Apr. 11, 2018

Intelligent Contact Centers in 2018 - An Industry Update

Intelligent contact centers are a reality in 2018. Big Data artificial intelligence, smart call routing, omnichannel service, and operational excellence are not only possible but demanded by discerning clients

Sponsored by: Calabrio, Neustar and NICE Nexidia

Original Broadcast Date: Apr. 04, 2018

Smooth Customer Journeys Deliver Smooth Customer Experiences

Creating smooth customer journeys starts with mapping the various stages that customers must follow on the passage from prospect to customer to service client or repeat customer. These journeys can be simple or quite complex, but every customer journey needs to be carefully examined and scripted to ensure the experience is smooth and customer momentum is sustained.

Sponsored by: NICE and AskNicely

Original Broadcast Date: Mar. 21, 2018