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2023 Contact Center Success Stories and Case Studies: Implementations that Delivered Value

Join us for this annual look at the notable deployments in contact centers that moved the KPI metrics needle, delivered a positive return on investment, or were unique, real-world innovations that mattered.

Sponsored by: Verint and Balto

Coming December 06, 2023

Empower Your Contact Center Agents With the Latest AI-Driven Solutions

The best way to improve staff retention and customer satisfaction is to empower your agents. In this session, we'll demonstrate how the right tools can streamline the agent workflow.

Sponsored by: NICE

Coming December 13, 2023

2024 CX Megatrends to Watch: Expert Predictions

Join CRM magazine and our panel of CX experts for our No. 1 most popular roundtable topic every year. What will be the mega themes to emerge this year? Tune in and find out!

Sponsored by: CRM

Coming January 17, 2024

Managing a Remote Contact Center

Join us for a live webcast featuring a panel of experts who will offer their best practices for managing a remote contact center.

Sponsored by: CRM

Coming January 31, 2024

How to Improve Your E-Commerce Customer Experience

Join us for in-depth discussions that move beyond generic tips to provide actionable insights on personalization, digital logistics, marketplace integration, and much more.

Sponsored by: CRM

Coming February 14, 2024

Navigating the World of Smart Customer Service

Our panel of experts will discuss how to incorporate smart service strategies to enhance real-time customer engagement and self-service. Learn to leverage automation, chatbots, and data analytics to elevate your customer interactions.

Sponsored by: CRM

Coming February 28, 2024

Built to Last: CX Strategies for the Long Haul

Join our panel of experts who will share their real-world experiences on creating a durable CX strategy that delivers consistent, high-quality, personalized interactions and ensures long-term customer growth.

Sponsored by: CRM

Coming March 06, 2024

Nurturing Agent Experience in an AI Environment

Unpack complex issues like agent autonomy, performance metrics, and emotional well-being and come away with actionable strategies.

Sponsored by: CRM

Coming March 20, 2024

AI's Role in a Customer Support Center

Join us for a game-changing roundtable webcast that explores the transformative power of AI in revolutionizing customer support centers.

Sponsored by: CRM

Coming April 03, 2024

Digital-First Customer Service: Humanizing Digital Interactions

Join our upcoming webcast, where industry experts will share insights on enhancing customer engagement through prioritized digital channels.

Sponsored by: CRM

Coming April 17, 2024

Workforce Engagement Management for Empowered Agents

Provide your agents with the tools they need to be successful through continuous learning, flexible scheduling, freedom from repetition, and easy access to information.

Sponsored by: CRM

Coming May 01, 2024

Managing Security and Compliance Issues in Contact Centers

Join our panel of contact center experts who will share their real-world experiences for maintaining a secure contact center environment.

Sponsored by: CRM

Coming May 15, 2024

CDPs: Boosting Service, Marketing, and Sales

Join industry leaders to explore the CDP's value in enhancing customer experience (CX).

Sponsored by: CRM

Coming May 29, 2024

Contact Center Transformation with AI and Automation

Join us on this roundtable webcast and learn from our panel of experts, who will help you realize the full value of your own contact center transformation.

Sponsored by: CRM

Coming June 12, 2024

How AI-Assisted Self-Service Can Transform Your CX

With 69% of consumers actively solving problems on their own, AI-assisted customer service solutions allow your organization to meet this growing demand while saving valuable resources.

Sponsored by: CRM

Coming June 26, 2024


Hot Topics in Customer Analytics: Insight and Action

On this roundtable webcast, our panel of experts will help you turn insights from your customer data into actions that will help you better know your customers and processes and use that knowledge to take well-informed actions.

Sponsored by: Verint and Glassbox

Original Broadcast Date: Nov. 15, 2023

Accelerating Customer Experiences in Retail Today

To discover how LSH Auto is advancing customer care and how you can apply the same learnings to your retail business join us on Tuesday, November 14th.

Sponsored by: 8x8

Original Broadcast Date: Nov. 14, 2023

Reimagining Customer Experience: Structure Follows Strategy

Companies that effectively manage customer experience can realize a 20% improvement in customer satisfaction, a 15% increase in sales conversion, a 30% lower cost-to-serve, and a 30% increase in employee engagement.

Sponsored by: Verint and Glance

Original Broadcast Date: Nov. 01, 2023

The Best Use Cases for Generative AI in Customer Service

What are the practical customer service use-cases for generative AI? How can you mitigate risk and maximize value? Attend our session to find out.

Sponsored by: eGain

Original Broadcast Date: Oct. 25, 2023

From Insights to Outcomes: Elevate the Customer Experience While Lowering Costs

In this engaging discussion, you will hear ServiceNow customer Bharti Sharma of Aon share how they have streamlined their support processes to achieve exceptional customer satisfaction, and the lessons they've learned along the way.

Sponsored by: ServiceNow

Original Broadcast Date: Oct. 18, 2023

Omnichannel Customer Experience: Table Stakes in 2023

Join our panel of experts and learn how to tap into omnichannel best practices for a CX strategy that forges a stronger bond with your customers and prospects.

Sponsored by: Verint, CSG, Glance and Calabrio

Original Broadcast Date: Oct. 11, 2023

Customer Convenience @scale: How to Reach the CX Pinnacle

Join this webinar to get a glimpse into some strategic moves that can help you reach the pinnacle of CX excellence.

Sponsored by: NICE

Original Broadcast Date: Sep. 20, 2023

Agent Experience: Enhancing CX From the Inside Out

What will your strategy be to attract high-caliber agents, train and support them with consistent coaching, and maintain high levels of quality assurance, even in a remote work environment?

Sponsored by: Verint,, NICE and 8x8

Original Broadcast Date: Sep. 13, 2023

Personalization: The Key to CX Excellence

Join our panel of CX experts and learn how your company can use a data-driven personalization strategy to best serve your customers and prospects.

Sponsored by: First Orion and CSG

Original Broadcast Date: Aug. 23, 2023

Humans and their Chatbots: AI-Assisted Answers for Everyone

Join our panel of experts from the solution providers that are driving this revolution and learn what guideposts customer care organizations should use to keep their implementations on track and human friendly.

Sponsored by: Verint, 8x8 and Replicant

Original Broadcast Date: Aug. 09, 2023

Revolutionizing Digital Interactions: Unleashing the Power of AI

Join us as we uncover the immense potential of generative AI in enabling intelligent, scalable, human-like interactions.

Sponsored by: Sendbird

Original Broadcast Date: Jul. 26, 2023

Leading the Way: The Role of Interaction Management in Building a Strong CXi

Join us on this webinar to explore the vital role that interaction management plays in delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Sponsored by: NICE

Original Broadcast Date: Jul. 19, 2023

The Brutal Truth about GPT in Enterprise

In this session, Coveo breaks down five hot takes on GenAI so you can avoid common pitfalls that may hinder enterprise adoption of Generative AI.

Sponsored by: Coveo

Original Broadcast Date: Jul. 12, 2023

Why You Can't Reach Your Customers

Join our live webinar as our customer contact intelligence experts provide an overview of the research results across channels, and explore solutions organizations can implement to better overcome barriers.

Sponsored by: TransUnion

Original Broadcast Date: Jun. 28, 2023

How Master Data Management Can Deliver a Customer 360 Solution

In this session, data leaders and executives can explore the value of an MDM project from an operational and cost perspective to make informed business decisions.

Sponsored by: Semarchy

Original Broadcast Date: Jun. 21, 2023

The Digital Transformation of Customer Experience

Join our panel of experts who will help you navigate your never-ending quest to deliver high-quality customer experiences.

Sponsored by: First Orion and Verint

Original Broadcast Date: May. 24, 2023

Seamless, Secure, Connected: How AI and Cloud are Making Omnichannel CX a Reality

In this webinar, experts from Nuance and BNY Mellon will explore how AI and the cloud are powering the next wave of digital transformation and enabling seamless customer engagement across channels.

Sponsored by: Nuance

Original Broadcast Date: May. 17, 2023

Contact Center as a Service: Simply Subscribe?

Join our panel of experts as they talk about their top recommendations for anyone thinking of moving to the cloud.

Sponsored by: Concentrix and Full Potential Solutions

Original Broadcast Date: May. 10, 2023

Finding the 'Suite' Spot

Join us for a talk about the importance of using an open platform, think suite-based, that can inform one another in real-time through proper solutions and applications.

Sponsored by: NICE CXone

Original Broadcast Date: May. 03, 2023

Achieve Next-Level CX with Real-Time Customer Analytics

If you are interested in learning more about the outsized value of implementing a real-time analytics strategy across your organization, join our panel of experts as they discuss how to harness the power of this remarkable tool.

Sponsored by: Verint

Original Broadcast Date: Apr. 26, 2023

3 Ways AI Helps Empower Agents to Deliver "Wow" Experiences

AI and machine learning can help agents on every single interaction by empowering them with the data-driven tools they need to drive exceptional CX.

Sponsored by: NICE

Original Broadcast Date: Apr. 05, 2023

Elevate Experiences or Lower Expenses? YES!

Reserve your seat today. Because delivering superior customer service and high-level efficiency shouldn't be that hard.

Sponsored by: ServiceNow

Original Broadcast Date: Mar. 22, 2023

Better Together: Agents & AI

Come hear how organizations across the globe are thinking about technology investments in the current economic and geopolitical climate and how AI in the contact center helps achieve their goals.

Sponsored by: NICE

Original Broadcast Date: Mar. 08, 2023

How To Boost Employee Performance and Optimize Business Efficiency

Join our webinar to learn how productivity can be accurately diagnosed – even in the most dynamic and diverse healthcare back office.

Sponsored by: NICE

Original Broadcast Date: Mar. 02, 2023

How to Leverage AI for Integrated CX Strategy

If your organization needs help envisioning an integrated CX strategy powered by AI technologies, join our panel of experts on this webcast.

Sponsored by: SearchBlox and Concentrix

Original Broadcast Date: Mar. 01, 2023

The Data that Drives Smart Digital: How to Put Your Bot In Touch with Reality

Your customers won't be waiting in queues, meet them with digital CX that works.

Sponsored by: NICE

Original Broadcast Date: Feb. 08, 2023

The Conversational Contact Center: Integrating AI's Potential Now

Join our panel of experts, who will share their real-world knowledge and help you plan the evolution of your contact center and customer experience strategy.

Sponsored by: Verint,, and Radisys

Original Broadcast Date: Feb. 01, 2023

Digital-First Customer Service - The logical next step beyond self-service

Join our panel of experts who will explain how you can get there from wherever you are and prepare for the future with the decisions you make now.

Sponsored by: Concentrix, Verint, Khoros and PagerDuty

Original Broadcast Date: Jan. 18, 2023

MegaTrends in Customer Technologies - Predictions that you need to know in 2023

Every January we kick off the new year challenging our panel of experts to concisely predict what important trends will catch hold in the next 12 months.

Sponsored by: Verint, First Orion and Gryphon

Original Broadcast Date: Jan. 11, 2023

The 3 Stages of Customer Experience Excellence: Lessons Learned from Innovators

Learn lessons from leading companies that are delivering customer experiences (CX) exceeding those of their peers by harnessing digital, self-service, and AI.

Sponsored by: NICE CXone

Original Broadcast Date: Dec. 14, 2022

The Current State of AI & Bots in Customer Care

Join our panel of experts who will discuss the current state of AI and bots and where these technologies will be deployed or expanded in the coming year.

Sponsored by: UJET, Verint, Cognigy and 8x8

Original Broadcast Date: Dec. 07, 2022

Voice-of-the-Customer Programs Guide CX Improvement

Join our panel of experts and learn how to incorporate a voice of the customer program into your organization to align your company with the experiences you aspire to deliver.

Sponsored by: Verint and Concentrix

Original Broadcast Date: Nov. 30, 2022