Marketing Automation

Marketing automation and CRM can help organizations build better relationships with customers, both new and old. Explore tools and techniques for analyzing and responding to customer behavior with unique marketing. Browse our latest marketing automation news, analysis, and advice. 


With Interactive Marketing, Digital Outreach Becomes Bidirectional

Companies can better respond to customer clicks and contacts to deliver more appealing offers in real time

Machine Learning Reshapes the Marketing Landscape

Emerging solutions provide marketers with insights into program effectiveness, but they require a high degree of skill to fine-tune

Making It Personal for Every Customer

While personalization for a small group of customers is simple, achieving personalization at scale requires a combination of strategy and technology

Optimizing Email for Better Sales Closes

Email success requires companies to challenge the marketing and sales status quo


How to Find and Track Your Real Customer

Begin by making your customer personas look more like your actual customers

8 Tips for Personalizing Your Email Campaigns

Personalization can be a potent weapon in a marketer's arsenal, yet blunders are far too easy (and common). Check out the dos and don'ts of e-mail personalization, with actionable advice marketers can take now.

The Wild West Days of Data May Be Over, But the Opportunities for Marketers Are Just Beginning

A new era of data privacy and regulation is upon us, and with it comes new roles and big opportunities for senior marketers.

Who Are the Best Targets of Loyalty Programs? Truly Loyal Customers

Highly satisfied customers are the ones who come back because they want to—not because you pay them. They should be your focus.


This Month, It’s All About the Data

Companies can no longer afford to be so cavalier with valuable customer information

How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Transform Customer Engagement and Sales

By analyzing sentiment and contextualizing data, AI can help marketing, sales, and customer support

The Future of CX Is Orchestrated Engagement

Forward-thinking companies must find ways to make the cacophony of customer experience technologies play together

It’s Time to Get Your Vision Checked

The one-size-fits-all approach, whether with email, marketing, customer service, or any other customer-facing process, no longer works

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