Conversica: AI-Powered Conversations to Unlock Revenue

Conversica: AI-Powered Conversations to Unlock Revenue
  • 950 Tower Lane
  • 12th Floor
  • Foster City CA 94404
  • United States
  • Year Founded: 2007
  • Ownership: Private
  • Number of Employees: 100 - 249
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Conversica is a high-growth technology company that provides a cloud-based artificial intelligence platform for engaging inbound leads in the sales process. Through natural, two-way email conversations, the company's automated sales assistant automatically engages, qualifies and follows up with leads to convert them into sales opportunities, freeing up salespeople to focus on closing new business.

Product Description

Conversica intelligently converts leads into sales opportunities. Our AI virtual sales assistant automatically engages, qualifies and follows up with leads via natural, two-way email conversations.

Whitepapers, Archived Webcasts and Sponsored Content

  • CRM: Conversica Named a CRM Rising Star by CRM Magazine
    Imagine a virtual assistant that can leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to automate lead contact and qualification via email. It would be like giving sales reps a private helper who works 24/7 to find and nurture highly qualified leads. Thanks to lead conversion management provider Conversica, sales reps can have that helper.
  • CRM: Conversica Partners with Marketo for Automated Lead Engagement
    Conversica, a provider of lead conversion management software for marketing and sales, has integrated its artificial intelligence-driven lead& conversion software with the Marketo Engagement Marketing Platform. The company has also joined the Marketo LaunchPoint Technology Partner Program.
  • CRM: 5 Sales and Marketing Problems that AI Can Solve
    AI has found its place in a practical application—the lead conversion process. It can qualify innumerable leads without increasing office space. For that matter, it also reduces the hiring, training, and benefits costs associated with scaling up an inside sales team. Being able to qualify leads using a virtual, AI-based communication system can overcome much of what ails the typical sales and marketing force. Here are five common challenges—and how AI might fix them.
  • Visit our Resource Center for Whitepapers, Case Studies and Videos
    In the Conversica Resource Center, you’ll find the latest information on lead engagement, our AI technology, and best practices for marketing and sales automation. Read how businesses like yours are using a virtual assistant – powered by artificial intelligence – to improve lead quality, increase sales opportunities and close more deals, more quickly.
  • See Conversica in Action in these Videos
    Visit our YouTube channel to see demo videos, customer testimonials and examples in easy to consume videos.


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