Required Reading: How to Master Sales Enablement

In a world of informed buyers, sales enablement can help organizations set themselves apart

Gig Economy Has Contact Center Potential

Customer communities can be a fruitful source of freelance customer service workers

E-commerce Communities Alter Companies’ Go-to-Market Strategies

CMO Council urges adoption of the 4Ps of marketing: precision, personalization, persuasion, and perfection

Encouraging Companies to Do Good (and Make Money Too)

Customers increasingly expect companies to be good citizens

Most Consumers Don’t Finish Online Forms

Clutch survey finds that 81 percent of people have abandoned at least one online form, and few return to complete them

Despite Technological Advancements, Live Agents Are More Crucial Than Ever

Technologies such as IVR are able to address straightforward questions, leaving the complex ones for agents to handle

Companies Don't Need Websites to Benefit from SEO

Links to local search results also rely on accurate and up-to-date information on the Web.

Customer Sentiment Is Becoming a New Imperative

Sentiment and emotion analytics are poised for 3,000 percent growth

IoT Technology Has Huge CX Potential

Companies can use IoT data to improve product and service delivery

Court Strikes Down TCPA Expansions

Appeals court decision overturns the FCC's new definition of autodialers

ON THE SCENE: At Adobe Summit 2018, Adobe Urges Companies to Enter the Experience Business

At its annual user conference, Adobe urged attendees to make experience their business

Required Reading: Businesses Should Ask Would You Do That to Your Mother?

Company leaders need to focus on what it takes to make Mom proud, and do likewise.

Customers Come with Baggage

Pre-interaction factors significantly affect customers' perceptions of service interactions

In Customer Service, Being Nice Only Goes So Far

Problem solving, rather than relational work, yields higher customer satisfaction.

Personalization Efforts Suffer from Data Issues

While identity theft is definitely on the rise, consumer awareness of the risk has seen a comparable increase, and companies' attempts at personalization might be the ultimate victims.

Companies Face a Consumer Trust Crisis

As identity fraud hits an all-time high, the burden is shifting to companies to protect customer data

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Achieving customer-centricity requires a partnership between IT, analysts, and business strategists.

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Knowing who you are as a company is the foundation of success

Retailers Must Become More Customer-Centric

Boston Retail Partners challenges companies to meet the expectations of the omnichannel world

Marketing Budget Growth Stalls

After three years of increases, marketing leaders are now under pressure to show results