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It's Customer Service Week. Here Are a Few Tips to Make It Better

Jabra's SVP offers tips to help overcome some of the most common customer service mistakes.

A Look at Where the Loyalty Lies

Bad Software Choices Lead to Half a Billion Hours Wasted Every Year

U.S. companies lose more than $8 billion in productivity every year by choosing software that sales and customer service employees hate to use, research found.

Contact Center Agent Saves a Life

Facebook Influences Buying Decisions More Than 7 Other Social Media Platforms Combined

Retail Companies Leading Customer Journey Management Adoption, Study Finds

Instant Payments May Be a Good Alternative for Disbursements, Study Finds

Users of Ad Blockers Identify Video Ads as Most Frustrating, Study Finds

Majority of Subscription Service Users Prefer Email Communications, Study Finds

Majority of Customers Prefer Live Agent Customer Support, Research Finds

Consumers Believe Customer Experience Has Stagnated, Study Finds

Vast Majority of Consumers Prefer Live Service Agents, Study Finds

Report Highlights “Expectation vs. Reality” Gaps in Marketing

Repetitive Tickets Are Prevalent in Customer Service, Survey Finds

Report Identifies Shopper-First Mandates for Retailers

Partner Sellers Are Underserved in Terms of Resources, Study Finds

Study Finds Increasing Interest in the Gig Economy Among Customer Service Agents

Video Calling Has Great Potential for Customer Service, Study Suggests

A new report highlights trends in video calling in customer communications.

B2B Marketers Still Uncertain About AI, Study Suggests

Push Notification Click Rates Increasing on iOS, Decreasing on Android, Study Finds