CRM Case Studies

Arxan Nails It with Direct Mail

PFL's tactile marketing program delivers hard-to-reach customers

JOANN Gladly Crafts Personal Interaction

By moving to a modern customer service platform, the craft retailer has improved customer responsiveness

SharkNinja Operationalizes Customer Feedback

With Clarabridge Engage and Analytics, the housewares manufacturer is able to act on voice-of-the-customer data to create new products and evolve its customer experience.

C3i Exceeds Expectations with Avaya

The contact center outsourcer is winning back business with new technologies, replacing a string of legacy systems in phases to maintain operations while easing the burden on its IT department

CRM Columns

Let Hope, Not Hype, Be Our Guide in 2020

A big reason why innovation is so slow to take hold in the industry is the short time frame CX leaders are given to prove ROI.

How to Cut Costs With CX—and Prove It

Cutting costs in quantifiable ways is a win for customers and companies

Being Insensitive to Customers Is an Odd Business Plan

Some of the travel industry's offers seem suspiciously like extortion

It’s 2020! How Did Our CX Predictions Work Out?

Let's look at how we've responded to customers' rising demands

Reports & Research

Truckstop.com case study

Glance Networks

Intuit case study

Glance Networks

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