Scouting Report

Workforce Optimization Ushers in the Real-Time Contact Center

AI, automation, and analytics are leading to an era of self-service and sophisticated agents

Thanks to AI and RPA, the WFO Market Surges

Workforce optimization moves to the cloud and embraces AI and analytics, and the market responds

Smarter Bots Mean Greater Innovation, Productivity, and Value

Robotic process automation is allowing companies to re-imagine and re-invest in all aspects of their businesses

Knowledge Management Is Poised to Keep Companies Informed and Efficient

Artificial intelligence, increases in self-service, and a younger workforce all point to a bigger role for KM solutions

Cloud Contact Center Solutions Continue Upward Trajectory

There's plenty of cloud-based excitement, though proliferation, compliance, and security remain issues.

Speech Analytics Enters Its Next Act—Maturity

Speech and text analytics have become indispensable to the customer journey, and increased adoption and a replacement cycle are the next stage.

Robots Are in Your Contact Center’s Future

Robotics, in tandem with desktop analytics, will drive productivity improvements.

As the WFO Market Evolves, Will Vendors Adapt?

New targets, the demand for personalization, and the need to adjust sales models are among the challenges.

WFM Solutions and Vendors Are Not All the Same

A buyer's guide for a market in which one size does not fit all

Real-Time Adaptive Scheduling—WFM’s Next Evolutionary Step

With ever-increasing demands for personalized service, contact centers need workforce management that can adjust to life's uncertainties

Cloud Solutions Are Rising in the Contact Center

Increased reliability, flexibility, and security of solutions make them an increasingly obvious choice

Workforce Optimization Is Under Siege

The sector has slowed of late, but innovation shows a way forward

The AI Revolution in Customer Service

The contact center market is finally ready for virtual bots, and not a moment too soon for self-service

Speech Analytics Can Help Alter the Service Paradigm

To create outstanding and personalized experiences for customers, you have to know them

Workforce Optimization Is Poised for Big Changes

The cloud, integrated suites, and Big Data are transforming the market, and vendors must adapt

Workforce Management’s Best Years Lie Ahead

Back office and branch solutions, as well as channel and scheduling flexibility, will drive growth

Cloud-Based Contact Centers: Bringing Clarity to a Crowded Market

A glut of vendors poses a challenge to buyers

Workforce Optimization's Winners and Losers

As the market moves toward analytics, many solutions will see their growth rev up—but a few will stall

Cloud-Based Contact Centers: The Sky's the Limit

The market is starting to soar thanks to flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and ever-increasing reliability

Speech Analytics Is Important to Your Future

Analyzing what your customers say to agents can have huge operational benefits across an enterprise