Social CRM

Social CRM, or social relationship management enhances the customer relationship and lead interactions through the use of social networking on sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.


The Leading Companies and Hottest Trends and Technologies in Customer Service, Marketing, and Sales: The 2024 CRM Top 100

CRM magazine presents its sixth annual rundown of the leading companies and hottest trends in customer relationship management.

The Top Customer Service Trends and Technologies for 2024: In Customer Service, AI Is Everywhere

Generative, conversational, predictive, and multimodal are among the AI flavors.

The Top Marketing Trends and Technologies for 2024: Marketers Adjust to Dramatic Market Shifts

AI remains a priority and a challenge.

The Top Sales Trends and Technologies for 2024: Tech Advances Let Sales Teams Thrive in a Difficult Economy

AI and omnichannel enable greater efficiency and productivity


Unlocking the Power of Intent Data

Intent data not only revolutionizes sales and marketing strategies by providing critical, timely insights into specific customer interests and behaviors, but its spikes can also depict major company decision-making in real time.

Building Expertise to Grow B2B Engagement: It's Not Just for Google Anymore

B2B marketers looking to build brand clout have more options than Google. Get your organic strategy in line with the 2024 search landscape.

Meeting the Audience Where They Are: Advertiser Strategies for a Multiplatform World

It's no longer just about the quantity of ad placements; the focus is increasingly shifting toward the quality and relevance of these placements.

Experiential CRM: Designing Immersive Marketing Campaigns and Events

This approach aims not just to engage customers but to envelop them in the narrative and values of a brand.


How the GenAI-Metaverse Relationship Impacts CRM

The two technologies together lead to better sales, marketing, and customer service experiences.

CRM Is Good, Even in the Bad Times

Some markets face an uphill climb, but that just makes investing in CRM even more crucial.

Expanding the Tech Stack Is a Business and Personal Imperative

Here are three technology innovations that you really need to adopt as soon as possible.

Tips for Dodging AI Disasters

It'll take time to work through the learning curve.

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