Keeping Keap Pays Off for Lifeonaire

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Lifeonaire is a faith-based life and business coaching organization headquartered in Durham, N.C. It holds events, runs courses, and sells books to help people reach their goals in business and in life.

To help manage its business and customer base, the company had been using Keap’s email marketing technology for a few years but had never really gotten all it could out of it, according to Jason Wojciechowski (who goes by Wojo), Lifeonaire’s CEO. So in 2018, some company executives began recommending dropping Keap because they didn’t see the value in continuing to use its software.

Without automated follow-ups for billing, customer outreaches for seminars, and so on, Wojo was spending most of his time on the minutiae of the business, taking care of the follow-ups and ensuring that human errors from data re-entry were corrected.

“The biggest problem was that there was nothing in our company that was systemized. We had no automation,” Wojo says. “There was no automated follow-up for billing if a payment failed. We were manually following up with these people. There were a lot of balls being dropped. We didn’t even have an email sequence to remind [customers] to automate their credit card payments. There were a lot of holes in our processes. We had no tracking, no metrics, no KPIs.”

That drove Wojo to conduct deep research into how Keap might be able to solve these and other challenges the company was facing.

“We were using less than 10 percent of its capabilities,” Wojo explains, and so he was able to convince others in the company to stick with Keap for another year. But even then, the technology was still being underutilized. So Wojo started digging deeper into Keap to see how others were using it and to see if Lifeonaire could get more out of its investment.

It turned out to be a very fortuitous decision. Watching a YouTube video posted by a third party “opened up my eyes to the different possibilities that Keap was capable of,” Wojo says.

In early 2021, Lifeonaire started using the full capabilities of the technology, with tremendous results. Using the campaign builder and Keap’s CRM, sales, reporting, analytics, and other features, the company has seen revenue increase 27 percent, the customer list grow 22 percent, and email open rate increase 19.3 percent.

Wojo credits the increases to improved marketing driven by Keap. Now before seminars, attendees receive marketing videos to help build rapport as well as questionnaires to find out why they are attending, which then helps Lifeonaire better tailor event presentations to meet customer needs.

“We used to have zero campaigns; now we have dozens of automated campaigns set up,” Wojo says. “Now by the time that they attend an event, they really feel that they know me.”

Similarly, there are automated post-event and post-purchase follow-ups to determine customer satisfaction, which helps Lifeonaire improve communication with customers and plan future events.

“It used to be we would do a webinar, but we had no way to track the results,” Wojo adds. “This really helped us get a feel for what is performing in our business and what is just fluff.”

Upsells and downsells (selling a lower-cost event rather than missing a revenue opportunity completely) have also increased.

Lifeonaire also uses Keap to keep track of the people who registered for an event or webinar vs. those who actually did attend, as well as other details about attendees to better tailor its outreach for future gatherings.

In the next year, Wojo expects to conduct more A/B testing with Keap to more fully tune its customer campaigns and other marketing efforts. 

The Payoff

Since it began using the full capabilities of Keap, Lifeonaire has seen the following results:

  • its revenue increased 27 percent;
  • its customer list increased 22 percent; and
  • its email open rate increased 19.3 percent.

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