CRM Across the Wire

Klaviyo Integrates with Wix

Integration gives Wix users access to Klaviyo's customer data platform benefits, including email and SMS marketing.

VideoAmp Releases Second-by-Second Ads Viewership

VideoAmp's Second-by-Second advertising measurement solution gives more granular TV viewer stats.

TigerLRM Releases Mobile CRM App

TigerLRM's new sales enablement app helps reps follow up with leads.

Gainsight Enhances its Customer Success, Product Experience, and Community Solutions

Gainsight's latest quarterly product updates include new tools for greater visibility and management of customer success, product, and community programs.

DataScalp Launches with a New Way for Consumers to Rate Companies

DataScalp launches with a consumer-powered, crowdsourced business performance ranking platform.

Triton Updates Triton Advertising Platform (Tap)

Triton Digital's Tap enhancements provide holistic monetization technology for the streaming audio and podcast industries.

Basis Curates Beachfront, Magnite, and Xandr Inventory for Political Advertisers

More than 250 private marketplace deals in Basis Media Automation Platform streamline political ad approvals on digital video, connected TV, and linear TV.

Versium Releases Model Builder and Record Scorer

Versium's open-source Model Builder and Record Scorer marketing tools are designed to predict which prospects will convert.

Persado Unveils Motivation AI API

Persado's Motivation AI API to help companies generate communications that resonate with customers.

DoubleVerify Launches Attention Lab

The DV Attention Lab will help advertisers collect and use campaign attention data.

NetBase Quid Adds Visualizations, Language Support

NetBase Quid's latest quarterly update includes now visualization and presentation modes, now user interface, support for more languages, and product integrations.

SmartCommerce Acquires Myxx

SmartCommerce is expanding its e-commerce capabilities for CPG companies with its Myxx acquisition.

6Sense Launches Conversational Email at Breakthrough Event

Company announcements at 6sense's Breakthrough conference included Conversational Email, Sales Intelligence enhancements, and Contextual Advertising.

Optimizely Introduces Real-Time Segmentation at Opticon

Optimizely's Real-Time Segmentation works across all products to continuously refresh customer data.

Invoca Adds Salesforce Integration, IVR Enhancements, and Signals and Scorecards

At its Invoca Summit today, Invoca unveiled contact center and marketing innovations to optimize spending by both business functions.

Optimizely Introduces Boundless Digital Invention and Orchestrate Solutions at Opticon

Boundless Digital Invention and Orchestrate help Optimizely users collaborate around content creation and customer foresight.

EMX by Big Village Partners with Adform

Partnership connects Adform's DSP to EMX's CTV-first SSP platform.

FullStory Launches Embedded Replay for Qualtrics

New integration allows cross-functional teams to access FullStory session replay directly within the Qualtrics XM Platform.

Folloze Launches Buyer Experience Platform 3.0

Folloze Buyer Experience Platform 3.0 now enables marketers to boost engagement across the digital buyer journey

Jotform Launches Sign for E-Signatures

Jotform Sign features unique automation and customization features.