CRM Featured Articles

How to Align CX and Design (Video)

Altimeter futurist and principal analyst Brian Solis discusses customer experience and design in this clip from his keynote at CRM Evolution 2018.

Adobe Acquires Marketo for $4.75 Billion

Marketo's marketing technology is expected to join Adobe's Experience Cloud.

Insightly Releases Advanced Customization Capabilities

Insightly users can now tailor their CRM applications to meet the specific needs of their businesses and industries.

How to Ensure You Have the Right Data in Your CRM System (Video)

Not all data belongs in your CRM system; to serve your goals effectively, you need to have the right data, as Diolachan Consulting's Edward Garry explains in this clip from CRM evolution 2018.

InsideView Announces Contact Cleansing and Email Validation Features

The new features are part of the company's InsideView Refresh CRM data cleansing solution.

Microsoft Launches AI and Mixed Reality Apps for Dynamics 365

Microsoft today introduced Dynamics 365 AI for Sales, Dynamics 365 AI for Market Insights, Dynamics 365 AI for Customer Service, Dynamics 365 Remote Assist, and Dynamics 365 Layout ahead of its Ignite conference next week.

How Tesla Gets Customer-Facing Process Right (Video)

ISM Founder and President Barton Goldenberg presents a case study on outside-in marketing and customer-facing process modeling in this clip from his presentation at CRM evolution 2018. Launches New Low-Code Lightning Tools

The tools aim to empower users of all skill levels to take part in the app development process.

How External Data Can Complement Your CRM Solution (Video)

Diolachan Consulting's Edward Garry discusses the value of external data in this clip from his presentation at CRM evolution 2018.

Optimizely Launches Adaptive Audiences

Using machine learning, the new capability aims to help brands provide personalized experiences for their customers at scale.

Openprise Announces Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration

The Openprise Data Orchestration Platform can help Microsoft Dynamics users with cleaning data and scoring leads.

9 Ways to Use Data to Understand Your Customers (Video)

ISM Founder and President Barton Goldenberg discusses how to leverage data effectively in creating targeted customer experiences in this clip from CRM evolution 2018. Launches #My31 Consumer App, Empowering People to Claim Their Data as Property's blockchain-based consumer consent technology will give people control of their data.

HubSpot Launches HubSpot Video

The result of an alliance with Vidyard, HubSpot Video is a fully integrated video solution for marketing, sales, and customer service.

What Are the Key Trends Impacting Customer Engagement? (Video)

SAP Customer Experience Vice President Volker Hildebrand discusses emerging trends affecting customer engagement and the growing impact of machine learning in this clip from CRM Evolution 2018.

Aviso Announces New AI Solutions

The solutions aim to help organizations improve win rates and close more deals.

How to Leverage AI for Proactive Customer Service (Video)

SAP Customer Experience Vice President Volker Hildebrand explains how companies can deploy machine learning for predictive maintenance and more proactive customer service in this clip from CRM Evolution 2018.

Intercom Launches Video Bots

They combine the humanity of video with the automation of bots.

Why Your CRM Strategy Should Dictate Your Data Strategy (Video)

Diolachan Consulting founder Edward Garry explains why CRM strategy comes first in this clip from CRM evolution 2018.

Alteryx Announces a New Version of Its Analytics Platform

The latest version delivers a number of new capabilities, chief among them the expansion of the Visualytics feature.