CRM Integration

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integration increases your CRM's value to your sales force by bringing in additional valuable customer lead data directly through various contact points like a company website or social media presence.


Now Is the Right Time for Silo Busting

Sticking to structures that keep data and departments separate is bad for business

Include Sales in Customer Intelligence

Marketing and service teams know where customers came from, but do your salespeople?

WebRTC + CRM = Better Customer Support

To get the most out of web-based real-time video, voice, and file and screen sharing, companies must link the functions to their systems of record

Pulling Maximum Benefit From a Partner Ecosystem

Global companies don't become as successful as they are by going it alone


3 Big Benefits of Integrating CRM and Sales Enablement

Pairing CRM with sales enablement ensures that sales reps will be more efficient, effective, and productive.

ICM and CRM Make Worthy Sales Management Partners

By integrating incentive compensation management and CRM systems, sales leaders and reps are armed with the insights needed to maintain motivation and perform the selling activities that boost the bottom line.

The Must-Dos, and Must-Don’ts, of CRM Data Integration

Here's how to keep system integration project management on track.

Salesforce-SharePoint Integration Can Overcome Collaborative Pitfalls

There's no need to suffer through wasted time and lost content, but your integration options will depend on what you need to accomplish.


The Future of CX Is Orchestrated Engagement

Forward-thinking companies must find ways to make the cacophony of customer experience technologies play together

Contextual Relevance Is Critical to Capturing Customers

They want information relevant to them, served up their way, not yours

The Power of the Platform Is in the Integration

Software puts a wide-angle lens on the business process.

Why CRM Is Not Dead

Simple interactions give way to end-to-end experiences.

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