Sales Automation

Combining Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with sales automation tools helps sales teams plan and monitor their sales activities and provides the necessary customer data throughout the entire selling process. Browse our news, analysis, and advice for sales professionals and managers looking take advantage of these time and labor saving strategies.


10 Key Questions to Ask Before Selling Internationally

Before selling abroad or broadening your international presence, experts suggest you answer these questions first.

Include Sales in Customer Intelligence

Marketing and service teams know where customers came from, but do your salespeople?

Sales Lead Scoring Is a Winning Formula

The right sales leads can be golden, and automation is the key to finding them

Optimizing Email for Better Sales Closes

Email success requires companies to challenge the marketing and sales status quo


Machine Learning Remakes the Sales Conversation

Forget the art of the deal; with AI and machine learning illuminating the patterns that result in successful sales, it's more like the science of the deal.

Does Your Sales Force Automation Help Your Reps Actually Sell?

To boost productivity, client engagement, and the bottom line, SFA systems should prioritize the four V's: volume, velocity, value, and visibility.

3 Questions to Ask About Any New Sales Tool

Technology can now capture insights about everything from weather patterns to the winning habits of your best sale reps. But before adopting a solution, here's what you need to consider.

10 Tips for More Productive Sales Calls

Here are some proven tips for making your sales pitches more productive, according to the social dynamics of sales.


3 Things to Keep in Mind as AI Comes to Sales

Technical innovations are one thing, but companies need to consider AI's effect on their people

To Hit Sales Targets, B2Bs Need to Define Roles—and How They’re Compensated

All contributions to a sale aren't equal, and neither should be the rewards

Sales Is Like an Orchestra. Sales Enablement Is the Maestro

Multiple departments working at cross-purposes can sound a discordant note

Tie Sales Compensation Plans to Your Company’s Mission

Point "coin-operated" reps toward ensuring the right business results.

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