Sales Automation

CRM and sales automation helps sales teams plan and monitor their sales activities and provides the necessary customer data throughout the sales process. Browse our news, analysis, and advice for sales professionals and managers.


Optimizing Email for Better Sales Closes

Email success requires companies to challenge the marketing and sales status quo

The 6 Secrets of Successful Change Management

Are your salespeople resisting technology upgrade plans? ?Try these tips to bolster user adoption.

Where Does CRM Go from Here?

We ask the experts where the industry is headed in the new year.

Subscription Services Can Revamp Business But Challenge Contact Centers

A new business model takes shape, where consumers rent goods and services rather than buy them.


4 Ways SPM Systems Keep Your Team Aligned and Focused in a Sea of Change

M&A mayhem may be coming to your sales team. Sales performance management can ensure that you're ready.

3 Big Benefits of Integrating CRM and Sales Enablement

Pairing CRM with sales enablement ensures that sales reps will be more efficient, effective, and productive.

7 Trends That Are Transforming Sales and Marketing

Personalization and new technologies continue to reshape the business landscape. Here are the emerging sales and marketing trends that can help you stay ahead of the competition.

How Businesses Can Benefit From AI Right Now

Artificial intelligence can seem like science fiction, but the technology has plenty of good—and current—use cases in marketing, sales, and service.


3 Things to Keep in Mind as AI Comes to Sales

Technical innovations are one thing, but companies need to consider AI's effect on their people

To Hit Sales Targets, B2Bs Need to Define Roles—and How They’re Compensated

All contributions to a sale aren't equal, and neither should be the rewards

Sales Is Like an Orchestra. Sales Enablement Is the Maestro

Multiple departments working at cross-purposes can sound a discordant note

Tie Sales Compensation Plans to Your Company’s Mission

Point "coin-operated" reps toward ensuring the right business results.

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