The Tipping Point

To Thrive During COVID-19 Recovery, Shore Up Your CRM Foundation

Three process pillars must be in place to steady your system

How to Price Right the First Time—and Deliver Value to Customers

Get the margins you require while building strong customer relationships

Voice + AI Represents the Next Chapter in CRM’s Evolution

As voice technologies become ubiquitous, customer interactions will never be the same

Leveraging CRM in the Face of COVID-19

With seismic changes in the way business is done, CRM and related platforms can help companies and the people they serve

Don’t Repel Sales Prospects You’re Trying to Attract

Here's how to get your foot in the door with a professional approach

Make Your Business Case an Offer They Can’t Refuse

This means accurately assessing how things are, demonstrating how they can approve, and then showing your work. Make your business case so strong an argument for your offer that no one can deny its overall value.

Is Your CRM as Intelligent as It Should Be?

CRM platforms must capture and organize ever-increasing amounts of data, and AI can help

Use Business Cases as an Opening and Closing Tool

They are a perfect way to assist your customer in due diligence while building trust

Make Customers Your Best Salespeople

The advocacy of a satisfied customer can make all the difference in B2B sales

It’s Time to Deploy, not Dabble with, Social CRM

Don't miss out on engaging with customers in a meaningful way

Automating Customer Service Means Striking a Balance

Too much automation can leave customers feeling put off

6 Data Categories Your CRM System Should Be Capturing

Go beyond contact information to connect with clients on a deeper level

CRM Analytics: Shifting the Balance

What's relevant to customers and sustainable for businesses?

Rx for Social Intelligence Center

Mix skilled workers, listening platform, and measurable objectives

Social Media’s Advocacy Paradox

Businesses and consumers have different perceptions, according to social CRM study by IBM's Institute for Business Value

The Right Customer Experience Strategy

It varies from "tailored intimacy" to "customer self-service"

Marketing Beyond the Cloud

Technology and strategy convert customer interactions into actionable insight

The Service Provider–Customer Paradox

Fewer consumers are switching, but that doesn't mean they are happy

Pick a Strategy Before It Picks You

Social media engagement requires a well-thought-out enterprise-wide approach

Analyzing the New Customer

Customer analytics are emerging as a competitive advantage.