• March 1, 2024

Freshworks Packs Huge Gains for Monos

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Monos offers high-end luggage, bags, clothing, and travel accessories and is the first company in this category to be certified climate-neutral by the Change Climate Project for its efforts to reduce greenhouse gases. That’s a source of great pride for the Canadian company, which is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, as is the unprecedented growth it’s experienced since its launch just five short years ago.

With that growth, Monos’ IT infrastructure struggled to continue supporting its customer-centric approach. When all else failed, some customers even resorted to emailing the CEO directly, making it evident that Monos needed to make some significant changes.

Monos only recently completed a digital transformation of its customer support operations, which culminated in the adoption of Freshworks’ customer service solutions. Freshworks’ artificial intelligence-powered ticketing and conversational support solutions have helped Monos increase agent efficiency.

The Freshdesk technology supports multiple communication modalities, including email, chat, and social media channels Facebook and Instagram. Monos is also using Freshdesk’s Freddy AI for its new generative AI capabilities. Also included are automated workflows for support operations and chatbots to quickly resolve customer queries.

With Freshworks, Monos was able to streamline support requests and automate responses pertaining to refunds, returns, and queries across various communication channels, satisfying customers, saving time for agents, and optimizing resource allocation. The solutions provide valuable insights into customer data, allowing Monos to identify areas for improvement so they can provide customers with a positive support experience.

“It was a game changer to see all of our processes consolidated,” said Jacen Cabading, customer experience manager at Monos. “Freshworks’ solutions have not only saved time and resources but have empowered our agents to focus on strategic tasks, contributing to a more fulfilling work environment. Some of our agents have even been promoted within the company to work in other departments.”

Freshworks’ suite of customer service products has positively impacted Monos’ operations in other ways. The customer service team achieved an 80 percent deflection rate, dramatically improving agent efficiency. With Freshworks, the company now manages 3,000 emails and 600 chats per day with just 31 agents, resolving customer support tickets 150 percent faster on average.

At the same time, the company now boasts a customer satisfaction score of 86 percent (a full six points above industry averages).

Monos further solidified its reputation for delivering an outstanding customer experience during its month-long Black Friday sale this past November.

“We anticipated high traffic during our month-long sale but were blown away when our website traffic doubled in just the first week,” said Mike Wu, director of e-commerce and customer experience at Monos. “Freshworks’ customer service solution helped our agents navigate the high volume and handle customer support issues seamlessly. We set out expecting to see a 4 percent increase in sales and are especially proud that we exceeded that goal and experienced an amazing 500 percent increase in sales.”

Monos also achieved an 85 percent customer retention rate amid a 400 percent surge in site traffic during that same Black Friday event.

“We’re thrilled to be part of Monos’ digital transformation success,” said Mika Yamamoto, Freshworks’ chief customer and marketing officer. “Our AI-enabled customer service solutions deliver delight for Monos’ customers by providing seamless support through the channels they chose, including chat, email, and social channels. Automating customer resolutions also dramatically increases agency productivity and enables lightning-fast, data-driven decisions—the best of both worlds. The success we’ve seen Monos enjoy is a testament to the power of AI to take a powerful brand’s experience to the next level.”

The Payoff

Since implementing Freshworks' customer service solutions, luggage retailer Monos has seen the following results:

  • 3,000 emails and 600 chats handled per day with just 31 agents;
  • 80 percent of customer queries deflected; and
  • 150 percent reduction in customer support ticket resolution times.

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