Front Office

It’s Time for Marketers to Go Back to School

The higher education market could benefit from a new marketing technology that takes personalization to a new level

CRM Is Making a Difference

In just the past year alone, we've seen huge advances in artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, blockchain, automated bots, and so much more

It’s a Small World, But It’s Still a Big Deal

There are many considerations and plenty of questions that need to be asked before spreading out across the planet.

Don’t Try to Block the Blockchain

Companies really need to start thinking about blockchain and laying the foundation for it within their organizations.

Don’t Try to Block the Blockchain

Companies really need to start thinking about blockchain and laying the foundation for it within their organizations.

This Month, It’s All About the Data

Companies can no longer afford to be so cavalier with valuable customer information

Because We Thought You Should Know

To keep customers coming back, businesses today need to know as much as they can about them

Contact Center Staffing Can Be Found in Surprising Places

Some innovative companies are going outside the normal job markets to find talent to staff their contact centers

The Influence of So-Called Influencers Can’t Be Denied

Considering that word of mouth is still the best way to gain new business, influencer marketing makes a lot of sense—and cents

Let’s Resolve to Do Better with Our Data

By failing to keep customer and prospect records up to date, you could be throwing money away

The Shifting Costs of Customer Contacts

The interactions that require agent input tend to be more difficult, resulting in longer interactions that cost more

Yet One More Case for Customer-Centricity

Open design can improve collaboration and communication, but businesses should make sure it won't impact customer relationships

The Big Four Aren’t All There Is

The CRM software market is wide open for smaller brands to claim a seat at the table

Consumers Score a Huge Win

Companies, vendors, and consumers should be prepared to work together to curb the possible misuse of the technology

It’s Time to Get Your Vision Checked

The one-size-fits-all approach, whether with email, marketing, customer service, or any other customer-facing process, no longer works

Customers, Not Bots, Are Taking Over

In customer relationships today, there is no tolerance for slip-ups, no second chance to do better next time

CRM Is More Than Just Technology

Businesses can't rely solely on their system vendors to keep their CRM solutions up to date, functional, and otherwise used by employees.

Cost Considerations Become a Top Concern

As products largely become commoditized and differentiation is harder to come by, cost clearly is setting some vendors apart in 2017.

How Far We’ve Come in 20 Years

The industry continues to sustain itself with a steady flow of start-ups and cutting-edge innovations that expand what CRM can do

Look for AI’s Role in CRM to Grow

On the CRM front, AI has already found a home in many innovative ways—virtual agents, chatbots, voice biometrics, and more.