CRM Across the Wire

NetSfere Launches Omnichannel Portal

NetSfere Omnichannel is a cloud-based portal for building customer communications.

DoubleVerify Launches Custom Contextual

DoubleVerify Custom Contextual creates relevant targeting categories for digital publishers and advertisers.

Factoreal Adds WhatsApp Business to Its Marketing Platform

Factoreal users can now communicate with customers through WhatsApp Business messaging.

BigCommerce Launches Ads and Listings on Google

With BigCommerce's Ads and Listings on Google, merchants can now automatically upload and sync products in their BigCommerce store to the Google Merchant Center.

Merkle Partners with TransUnion

The Merkle-TransUnion partnership enables companies to leverage first-party data across connected TV.

InterVision Adds Amazon Connect to Its Unified Communications Portfolio

InterVision is offering AWS's Amazon Connect contact center suite as part of its unified communications offerings. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)

Affinity Solutions Partners with Zartico

Together, Affinity Solutions and Zartico unleash the power of real-time visitor spend intelligence.

Amazon to Launch Search Analytics Dashboard for Third-Party Sellers

Amazon's Search Analytics Dashboard will provide resellers insights on the search performance of their products.

The Trade Desk Partners with Xiaomi

The Trade Desk and Xiaomi partnership expands advertising opportunities on the open internet.

IntelliSite Launches DeepInsights Platform

IntelliSite's DeepInsights brings together IoT sensor and video data.

Octopai Supports Amazon Redshift for BI and Analytics

Octopai's coverage of Amazon Redshift enables companies to migrate to the cloud and manage business intelligence and analytics from one platform.

UJET Moves to Google Cloud

Google Cloud has been named UJET's preferred cloud partner for its contact center-as-a-service products. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)

Conviva Expands Its Streaming Platform

Conviva's Streaming Platform expansion hopes to solve audience measurement challenges.

Cart.com Moves to Google Cloud

Cart.com's partnership with Google Cloud expands its analytics capabilities for ecommerce retailers.

Actian Releases DataConnect 12 Integration Platform

Actian's DataConnect 12 Integration Platform update brings new capabilities for data quality and enhanced automation.

Chili Piper Launches Distro to Route Inbound Leads in Real Time

Chili Piper Distro routes and assigns Salesforce objects in real time.

Emodo Partners with HUMAN Security to Combat Ad Fraud

Ericsson Emodo and HUMAN are expanding protection against sophisticated bot attacks and fraud in mobile advertising.

Slide Launches Cashback Loyalty Partnership with Cardlytics

Slide's new Cashback rewards program generates cash-back for mobile subscribers.

Calix Adds HubSpot Integration and Professional Edition to Marketing Cloud

Calix Marketing Cloud now further simplifies omnichannel campaign execution with a HubSpot integration and expanded data sets.

Linc Integrates CX Automation Solution with Kustomer

Linc's CX Automation is now available in the Kustomer App Marketplace.