• August 16, 2022

Conversica Partners with Gainsight

Conversica, a provider of conversational artificial intelligence solutions, has integrated with customer success platform Gainsight, enabling customer success teams to deploy AI-powered digital assistants, all triggered by data from Gainsight.

Conversica's Conversation Automation solution gives teams their own personalized assistants for proactive communication with customers.

With the new Conversica and Gainsight integration, digital assistants can do the following :

  • Onboard new customers;
  • Act on usage trends to drive product adoption;
  • Set up regular business reviews;
  • Start renewal, upsell, and cross-sell motions;
  • Collect customer feedback; and
  • Obtain customer referrals.

Conversica's AI Assistants use Gainsight data, such as customer health score and contract data, to automatically initiate two-way conversations

"This strategic integration with Conversica is a game-changer for Gainsight users," said Karl Rumelhart, chief product officer and executive vice president of Gainsight, in a statement. "Using Conversica's AI Assistants to automate the follow-up on Gainsight data enables customer success teams to more effectively act on insights, proactively respond to customer needs across multiple accounts, and drive durable, efficient growth through renewals and expansion."

"Conversica and Gainsight together empower the customer success industry to do more with less," said Jim Kaskade, CEO of Conversica, in a statement. "Which CS organization doesn't want their teams to have unlimited scale? Our robust conversation automation solution leverages Gainsight data to not only tailor every conversation, but with real-time triggers that engage customers at the right time. And, thus, it does so in a proactive way that improves the health of the customer relationship, drives revenue, and allows CSMs to do what they do best. This is a must for digitally-driven organizations that are recession-proofing their businesses for future success."

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