Experian: Data Quality Management Solutions & Services

Experian: Data Quality Management Solutions & Services
  • 125 Summer St Ste 1910
  • Boston MA 02110
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  • Ownership: Public
  • Number of Employees: over 1,000
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Experian QAS is a leading provider of address data quality software and services. The Experian QAS software suite of products are designed to capture, validate, cleanse, standardize and enrich addresses, names and other important contact information. Experian QAS provides solutions to more than 10,000 customers worldwide in a wide range of industry sectors including retail, education, healthcare, insurance, finance and government.

Product Description

Experian QAS products capture and correct physical mail, email, and telephone details. The contact data quality products can be deployed within a CRM application at the point of capture for immediate verification as well as through a back office tool for batch mode data audits.

Why Contact Data Quality Matters
Inaccurate contact data can be entered through a variety of ways (such as web forms, list imports, and manual entry). And while these mistakes may appear harmless, they impact department communications and increase operational costs.

How Experian QAS Helps CRM Users
Experian QAS tools help improve the overall ROI of your CRM application.

• Improve sales operations and territory management
• Enhance marketing profiling and performance
• Increase match results (for duplicates and append services)
• Protect branding and perceptions
• Cut mailing returns

The Experian QAS flagship product – QAS Pro and QAS Pro Web – provides powerful address verification that harnesses data from postal authorities. Our company partners with CRM industry leaders to ensure that the Experian QAS functionality is available and easy to use across CRM applications.

Visit www.qas.com to learn more about our turnkey integrations into Salesforce CRM, mySAP, Oracle CRM On Demand, Siebel, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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