• November 17, 2016

Experian Pairs with SpotRight for Social Media Analysis

Experian Marketing Services has teamed with SpotRight to provide companies with actionable insight into the social media behavior of their customers. Social Media Analysis is a new visualization tool that enables marketers to better understand the social influence, brand behavior, following activity, competitor overlap, and rich demographic information of their target audiences.

Social Media Analysis leverages Experian's consumer demographic and lifestyle data and SpotRight's social media relationships to help marketers gain insight about their target audiences.

"When it comes to social media data, marketers need to go beyond likes, shares, and reposts. They need to listen and quantify what consumers are saying and doing," said Brienna Pinnow, director of product marketing for targeting at Experian Marketing Services, in a statement. "So many consumers make their opinions and preferences known on social media, and the marketers that succeed are those that leverage opportunities to better communicate messages that resonate with their customers."

Additionally, Social Media Analysis leverages Experian's data management, linkage, and privacy capabilities and expertise to help marketers match billions of daily digital interactions and turn them into actionable insights.

"Gaining insight into social media behavior goes beyond practical use cases for just social media channels," Pinnow said. "Marketers can utilize the information to optimize content and marketing messages across other digital platforms and television, as well as better inform brand partnerships and measure campaign results."

The analysis is delivered through a web-based dashboard that enables marketers to digest and take action on social media analytics. Using the analysis, marketers can view 20-plus types of sub-analyses and approximately 65 ways to view the data, including the following:

  • Social behavior, such as influence, followers, popular topics, time of day, and activity;
  • Category activity, including following behaviors for key categories, such as TV shows, restaurants, and automotive;
  • Brands overview, offering a breakdown of following patterns for the top 500 companies followed by the audience
  • Interests overview, offering a breakdown of following patterns for the top 500 interests/handles followed by the audience. This includes Experian data for gender, age, income, presence of children, occupation, education, residence, and more.
  • Geography, offering a snapshot of audiences' state of residence and top metro areas, including indexes.
  • Segmentation, using Mosaic USA lifestyle segmentation for 71 types and 19 overarching groups.

"For the most part, brands realize the need for social media analytics, but lack the resources and time to fully immerse themselves in the data," said Todd Greer, CEO of SpotRight, in a statement. "By collaborating with Experian, we make it easier for marketers to understand the who behind the handle and determine how to properly interact with their customers on social media platforms, as well as other channels."

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