SMB and Mid-Market CRM

Adoption of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology is essential to small and medium-sized businesses. Over time, more platforms and resources have become available to organizations of all sizes. Get in-depth analysis and advice and learn more about CRM for small and mid-sized businesses from CRM Magazine.


The Leading Companies and Hottest Trends and Technologies in Customer Service, Marketing, and Sales: The 2024 CRM Top 100

CRM magazine presents its sixth annual rundown of the leading companies and hottest trends in customer relationship management.

The Top Customer Service Trends and Technologies for 2024: In Customer Service, AI Is Everywhere

Generative, conversational, predictive, and multimodal are among the AI flavors.

The Top Marketing Trends and Technologies for 2024: Marketers Adjust to Dramatic Market Shifts

AI remains a priority and a challenge.

The Top Sales Trends and Technologies for 2024: Tech Advances Let Sales Teams Thrive in a Difficult Economy

AI and omnichannel enable greater efficiency and productivity


IoT and CRM Synergy: Driving Customer Satisfaction to New Heights

The combination of IoT and CRM improves customer satisfaction by enabling real-time data-driven insights and customized interactions.

Overcoming Your Sales Team’s ‘Evolutionary’ Resistance to CRM

A new approach to change management is desperately needed to foster CRM adoption and empowerment for sales reps.

How to Empower Your Sales and Marketing Teams with CRM Tools in 2024

Salesforce and other top CRM platforms require proper integration with existing systems and continuous employee training to maximize efficiency, data analysis, personalized marketing, and sales/marketing collaboration.

The Key to Becoming a Recession-Resilient Startup

Paradoxically, recessions are often the times most ripe for opportunity. Industries are reflecting on what's working well, and what needs to change. And the business models that flounder often leave in their wake seismic market gaps just waiting to be closed.


CRM, AI, and Technology Investment: Too Much of a Good Thing?

Despite the countless dollars companies are spending on AI, the quality of the experiences they provide to customers continues to decline.

CRM Embraces Financial Transactions Like Never Before

Pricing and payment processing are getting more integrated into CRM systems.

Dispatches From CRM’s Front Lines

Deployments and training aren't always dry affairs.

CRM Is Good, Even in the Bad Times

Some markets face an uphill climb, but that just makes investing in CRM even more crucial.

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