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Salesloft, a sales engagement platform provider, was founded in 2011 and recently began a period of intense growth. The company, which is based in Atlanta, needed a way to complete its quarterly business reports more quickly to continue its growth. The company had been using a team of customer service managers to develop quarterly reviews for its customers, spending many long hours pulling data from many, many sources.

“We were growing and trying to find ways to scale. When we’re showing value to our customers, data is key,” says Bianca Longino, revenue operations manager at Salesloft.

The company’s data problems not only created a lack of efficiency for its customer service managers, but there was a lack of consistency with the data itself, where it originated, and how Salesloft was presenting it to customers, according to Longino.

“We knew that those quarterly reports were absolutely necessary, so it was time to put in a solution to fix that problem,” she recalls.

Salesloft did have resources to build something internally, and for a short time it relied on an organic solution powered by Google Sheets. That solution was unreliable, too time-consuming to maintain, and didn’t have the power or flexibility to provide dynamic stories tailored to each customer. Shortly after installing the legacy tool, Salesloft found itself in the market for a replacement.

“The internal tool we built was a step up from manually pulling data, but it didn’t solve our core problem. Our CSMs were still spending hours piecing together data, and we lacked a consistent customer narrative,” Longino says.

Salesloft needed a partner that could produce data-driven presentations at scale. Matik stood out as the one vendor that could do so, and it could integrate with the other tools that Salesloft was already using, including Snowflake, Salesforce, and Looker.

Matik’s platform automates the creation of data-driven content, such as emails, presentations, or one-page reports. The solution compiles the necessary data, personalizes all of the tables and charts, then creates the relevant content, including Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint documents.

Matik helped ensure all the necessary integrations worked properly so that Salesloft could use the full capabilities of its platform from day one. Salesloft went live with the Matik solution in the second half of 2021, about five weeks after signing the contract.

“We had a really fantastic experience. Things moved along very quickly,” Longino says. “Once we integrated on our end, we created templates to connect with different data sources. It was a seamless experience.”

Matik delivered on the time savings that Salesloft wanted, Longino says. “The amount of efficiency that we gained has been tremendous. This has allowed customer service managers to focus on the narrative that they are telling the customer rather than spending their time pulling all of the data together. Now they have time to generate value-added templates for customers. It’s allowed us to level up as a customer service team.”

Salesloft’s customer service teams save 366 hours a month with the technology, while also boosting customer retention. Ninety-eight percent of customers who had a quarterly business review renewed, while 86 percent upgraded their Salesloft accounts. Additionally, the technology helped secure $60 million in annual recurring revenue.

“Our CSMs are constantly telling us how Matik has changed the way they work. Being able to easily pull data-driven resources gives them the tools to have really impactful discussions with customers,” Longino says. “At this point, every CSM on the team would tell you that they could not do their job without Matik. It’s a huge value-add for our teams.”

Salesloft expects to expand its use of Matik for other report types and customer data, according to Longino. “We’re constantly innovating what we can do with Matik; at the same time, Matik is adding new features and capabilities,” she says. 

The Payoff

Since implementing Matik, Salesloft has seen the following results: 

  • 98 percent of customers who receive quarterly business reports renew, leading to $60 million in annual recurring revenue;
  • 86 percent of those same customers upgrade; and
  • customer service teams save 366 hours per month.

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