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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) helps organizations deliver exceptional customer service and support. Good CRM tools and strategies enable call centers, contact centers, and customer support teams to be their most effective and ensure that all customer inquiries end with the best possible customer experience. Explore our latest news, analysis, and advice for customer service professionals at all levels.


Interaction Analytics Helps Improve Coaching/Training

Data-driven guidance provides a better agent and customer experience.

Is Social Customer Care Ready for a Comeback?

Customer service over social channels failed once, and it still needs work in version 2.0.

Conversational AI Moves from Service to Selling

Long a contact center staple, conversational intelligence is moving into sales, and there's lots of money on the table.

Emotion Detection in Marketing Is About to Go Mainstream

Technology to detect and analyze emotional states has advanced significantly in the past year alone.


Prepare for Machine Customers’ Impact to Customer Service and Support

Customer service and support leaders must understand the impact of machine customers—virtual assistants, smart devices, and the like—to their business and establish a strategy to enable them in order to stay competitive.

Why AI Contextualization Is Key for Modern Customer Experiences

Here's what to know about enabling AI to shape your voice, virtual assistant, and chatbot brand experiences around customer contextualization: the ability to understand what a customer wants immediately at a particular moment.

How Technical Debt Can Impact the Customer and Employee Experience

The downstream effects of maintaining legacy systems or processes can be unpleasant and long-lasting.

CX Leaders Need to Go Beyond Their Comfort Zones to Navigate 2023

Customer experience pros have to help their organizations become more resilient.


Generative AI’s Use Cases Are Already Emerging

ChatGPT has lit up imaginations, but the underlying technology is more than a shiny object.

ChatGPT: Looking Beyond the Hype

Companies need to start asking and answering questions now about their plans for AI

How Your Company Can Keep Up With Customer Demands

Becoming more adaptable can be a big advantage.

5 Applications to Boost Contact Center Performance in a Tough Economy

These innovations are ready to be rolled out and are positioned to help contact center managers achieve their departmental and corporate objectives.

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