• December 6, 2023

VideoAmp Releases Commingled Identity Solution

VideoAmp today launched its Commingled Identity (ID) solution that integrates identity assets from multiple providers into one graph.

VideoAmp leverages clean room technology to ingest identifiers like hashed emails, signed-in users, IP addresses, and device IDs in a way that never exposes personal identifiers to VideoAmp, its partners, or clients.

VideoAmp's graph serves as an enduring, single source of truth that intelligently maps consumers throughout their entire journeys, cross-referencing commonalities in identifiers, geographic and demographic metadata, and time. It commingles identity assets from providers like Experian, Verisk, and LiveIntent into a complete view of an audience.

"Every use case for advertising measurement and currency today hinges on identity as the lynchpin for quality, accuracy, and effectiveness. With the advancements and speed of innovation in this space, we wanted to implement an identity solution that not only keeps up, but sets a new standard for targeting and precision," said VideoAmp's chief technology officer, Tony Fagan, in a statement. "The better we get at identity, the better we get at everything. We didn't find a solution that accounted for the gaps and discrepancies we were seeing, so we created one. The launch of our commingled identity solution means more impressions delivered to advertisers' intended audiences so they can deliver better ROI."

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