• March 29, 2022

Snowflake Launches Retail Data Cloud

Snowflake today launched the Retail Data Cloud, which unites Snowflake's data platform, Snowflake- and partner-delivered solutions, and industry-specific datasets. The Retail Data Cloud empowers retailers, manufacturers, distributors, and industry technology providers, to leverage their own data, access new data, and collaborate across the retail industry.

With Snowflake's Retail Data Cloud, businesses can do the following:

  • Integrate all of their data virtually, regardless of source, speed, or format, and operate from a single source of truth;
  • Enable regulatory compliance through data governance with a suite of security capabilities, including data clean room functionality, auditability features like double-blind joins, restricted queries, centralized RBAC, and row/columnar level obfuscation that enable data to be shared without movement and risk of revealing personal information;
  • Optimize operations with elastic performance, scaling up or down as needed;
  • Share data across their ecosystems in near-real time across three major public cloud platforms; and
  • Leverage industry-specific, pre-built solutions created by Snowflake's partners, from standard data models to artificial intelligence-powered insights.

Some of the largest customers in the retail and CPG industries, including 84.51°, the retail data science, insights and media company; Albertsons; Kraft-Heinz; and Rakuten are already using Snowflake's Retail Data Cloud.

"As a global CPG company, the ability to quickly respond to changes in the marketplace has been essential to how we optimize operations during periods of uncertainty," said Jorge Balestra, global head of machine learnings operations at Kraft Heinz, in a statement. "Snowflake's Retail Data Cloud enables us to tie together data from numerous sources on purchase orders, inventory, and manufacturing, as well as collaborate on data in virtually real-time with partners like Albertsons, all in one place for end-to-end supply chain visibility that leaves zero ambiguity in our business. Snowflake has been vital to Kraft Heinz digital transformation and is enabling us to now focus resources on innovation for our customers."

Within the Retail Data Cloud, customers can access industry-specific solutions to leverage best practices, reduce time-to-value, and increase overall impact. Partners announcing new pre-built solutions include Blue Yonder, Cart.com, Nulogy, Zabka, AccuWeather, Atlas, Catalina, Crisp, Experian, Heap, NCSolutions, Numerator, Capgemini, Infosys, Slalom, Tata Consultancy Services, TEK Systems, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Dataiku, DataRobot, Robling, and Tableau.

Through its partnership with Snowflake, Cart.com's unified analytics tools will allow merchants to connect their entire data universe, turning cloud-hosted data into a centralized source of actionable insights.

"At Cart.com, we're democratizing e-commerce by giving customers unified visibility into and control over every aspect of the e-commerce value chain. Working with Snowflake, we're enabling e-commerce businesses to gain seamless access to all their data, across every part of their business, without ever leaving their centralized Cart.com dashboard," said Chase Zieman, Cart.com's chief data science officer, in a statement. "E-commerce brands have data in their DNA. Using the combined power of Snowflake and Cart.com, they can now turn that data into actionable insights, creating value at every level of their operations."

<p">"This package of joint solutions to the retail and CPG industry in Snowflake's Retail Data Cloud can fuel the next wave of transformation by providing the data access, governance, and sharing required to activate data and drive business value," said Rosemary Hua, retail and CPG industry go-to-market lead at Snowflake, in a statement. "Retailers and CPGs can now connect with partners and each other in the Data Cloud to take data-driven action and better serve their customers in a rapidly changing environment."

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