• July 25, 2014
  • By Leonard Klie, Editor, CRM magazine and SmartCustomerService.com

Experian Marketing Services Unveils End-to-End Marketing Suite

Experian Marketing Services, a provider of integrated consumer insights and targeting, data quality, and cross-channel marketing, Thursday launched the Experian Marketing Suite.

Unveiled during the company's Client Summit in Las Vegas, the Marketing Suite is an end-to-end marketing solution that enables brands to create and deliver authentic customer campaigns every time, in any channel, via any device.

The Marketing Suite is composed of three core elements to help marketers create "clear, concise, and consistent campaigns," says Matt Seeley, North American group president at Experian.

The first component of the product suite involves identity management, allowing the user to develop a comprehensive view of the potential customer, including contact information, consumer data, and linkages across customer interactions.

Also included is a tool to verify the consumer's information.

"Before you can begin, you need to have a good, clean profile of the consumer you're trying to reach," Seeley says. "We verify the name and other information and pull together all that we know about him."

The next part of the suite centers on intelligence management, allowing the marketer to understand the potential customer's behavior and preferences and target the message to coincide with that information.

"A very important aspect of this is being able to provide more information about the customer so you can tailor the message," Seeley says.

This second component also contains all the tools needed to create campaigns and manage them across devices and marketing platforms. The suite currently supports all the major operating systems and mobile device types, and works with email, SMS text messaging, push notifications, Web, print, and social media channels, according to Seeley.

Paired with a campaign management platform, the Marketing Suite enables marketers to create personalized interactions in real time. Consumer insights and intelligence can be linked to a brand's own data, making it available via every communication channel.

Among the channels, Seeley says email is still the king, but the product has to go across channels to fill the market demand and coincide with how customers want to be reached.

"You can even have a cojoined marketing effort that combines online and offline," he says.

The last piece of the suite brings in an interactions manager that provides optimized interactions across all touch points, analysis to optimize performance, and campaign attribution. "It's a business intelligence tool to understand the results of the campaign," Seeley says.

The Marketing Suite, Seeley says, leverages Experian's 30 years of data-driven marketing experience, data verification and integration, and customer analysis.

He points out that Experian took direct feedback from its clients into account when designing the Marketing Suite, with the goal of providing "increased customer loyalty and improved marketing return on investment."

While the Marketing Suite has great appeal among retail, travel, and hospitality clients, Seeley says it can be used across industries and market segments. "It's really about providing consistency and clarity across channels and campaigns," he states.

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