Mirabel Technologies Launches Marketing Manager

Mirabel Technologies, creator of the Magazine Manager and Newspaper Manager CRM platforms, today launched Marketing Manager, a web visitor identification CRM platform that features built-in marketing metrics, data appending, and a variety of lead generation capabilities.

The new platform aims to address the challenges of prospecting, visitor identification, and data appending. With a proprietary database of more than 9 million businesses and nearly 90 million email addresses, the platform can append data to website visitors or email addresses captured on landing pages, websites, and form submissions. Furthermore, in addition to populating fields such as IP addresses and phone numbers, the platform automatically appends data fields regarding fellow employees, job titles, email addresses, and company revenue.

Marketing Manager also integrates with tools such as MailChimp and Unbounce, allowing it to rank, score, and aggregate target prospects based on triggers such as white paper downloads, email opens, video views, and meeting requests.

“With our own company, we were frustrated that we couldn’t find a platform that was as good as we wanted it to be in trying to figure out which leads were coming to our website, and that became this [Marketing Manager] concept,” says Mark McCormick, president of Mirabel Technologies.

McCormick originally started in the publishing business, owning half a dozen magazines based in various cities, he says, and his company’s original CRM platform product, Magazine Manager, was born of the necessity of “moving data back and forth between the different offices” without a common CRM. “It struck me as a crazy way of doing business.” After working with a developer to set up the platform for his business, McCormick began offering the web-based platform to other publishers.

“We’d already had lots of experience in the CRM world from our publishing background; we took our CRM, which is pretty well tested, from that and then we added a lot of visitor identification stuff, all kinds of neat marketing stuff,” McCormick says. “[Marketing Manager is] an amalgamation of a lot of different products that we’ve been working on, as well as ideas that we thought were the best ideas out there. We’ve used some different platforms that are out there, but knowing who’s coming to your website for a company that is dependent on leads is an awfully big deal.”

“The thing that probably makes [Marketing Manager] unique is that we’re really focusing on identifying who is coming to a website, picking up an email address, and determining how much data we can append onto it,” McCormick adds. “We haven’t jumped in trying to replicate everything that [other companies] have done; we’ve really focused on the lead and the data appending, as well as the CRM [aspects].”

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