• October 2, 2013

Experian Releases Email Insights

Experian Marketing Services, a provider of integrated consumer insights and targeting, data quality, and cross-channel marketing, is introducing a retention-based email solution this week.

Email Insights gives marketers a more holistic view of their customers by linking traditionally siloed databases and insights, such as in-store shoppers, loyalty program members, and mobile app users, to their email marketing lists. Email Insights is compatible with any email service provider, offering members access to a more comprehensive database of email activity information.

The Email Insights model allows marketers to gain insights about their email subscriber database through access to a broader, privacy-protected database consortium to verify inactive and active subscribers. Marketers using Email Insights have been able to verify 10 percent to 40 percent of email addresses previously identified as inactive subscribers as active accounts.

A key feature of Email Insights is the ability to append additional data in a privacy-protected platform for a more advanced, omnichannel perspective of email subscribers. Marketers can link online and offline purchasing patterns, email response behavior (open activity and recency of engagement), category-level interests, demographics, and attitudinal or life stage information to improve the relevance of product recommendations and upsell opportunities.

Email Insights caters to a diverse set of companies, including retailers, publishers, and manufacturers, as well as brands with smaller databases.

"Inactive subscribers are often current and highly valuable customers, but disconnected data and insights often prevent marketers from identifying, understanding, and then engaging their multichannel customers. We offer them the toolset to create a relevant offer and then deliver it at a time when the consumer is most likely to respond," said Rick Erwin, president of targeting at Experian Marketing Services, in a statement. "Email Insights for omnichannel marketers that want to improve the relevance of their email marketing communications and understand how, where, and why their loyal, valuable customers want to engage with them."

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