• February 21, 2017

Alterian Re-Emerges as Independent Marketing Solutions Provider

Following a management buy-out, Alterian has re-emerged as an adaptive customer experience company.

Alterian's Adaptive Customer Experience system allows marketers to stay one step ahead of individual customers with the right message, no matter where or when they interact. The system enables marketers to conduct both batch and real-time campaigns across any channel and then uses deep analytics to define audiences and find opportunities across their ecosystems.

"Our goal is to give retail marketers the ability to bring the rich history of consumer transactional data together with the real-time context of how the consumer interacts with the brand, providing a unique and consistent customer experience across channels," said Robert Hale, Alterian's CEO, in a statement. "For many marketers, this is first time they can really seize the opportunity to connect data with customers, on customers' terms, to spark an instantaneous, welcomed exchange and create a profitable relationship."

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