Walker: Next-level XM, CX, and EX

Walker: Next-level XM, CX, and EX
  • 3939 Priority Way South Drive
  • Indianapolis IN 46240
  • US
  • Ownership: Private
  • Number of Employees: 50 - 99
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Product Description

Walker SmartLoyalty is a progressive customer loyalty management solution. This Internet-based system combines proven research science with technology applications, allowing companies to collect and disseminate real-time, enterprise-wide customer feedback. Armed with this information, companies can take strategic and tactical action to improve customer retention and loyalty, and ultimately, their bottom line. Key features of SmartLoyalty include: Real-time customer information. SmartLoyalty allows companies to proactively gather real-time survey feedback using web-based technology, putting information immediately into the hands of decision-makers and promoting action and actionability through red-flag alert features. Individual and aggregate metrics. An individual customer's loyalty is tracked as well as measurements spanning the organizational hierarchy, allowing companies to act both strategically and tactically. Segmentation strategies. Using Walker's loyalty model, companies can categorize customers by their loyalty level - Truly Loyal, Accessible, Trapped or High Risk - and develop strategies to reach each segment more effectively. Action. Information is available so companies can put it to work every day to improve loyalty, tracking problems and resolutions, measuring account representative effectiveness, and recording best practices.