• 4400 Easton Commons
  • Suite 250
  • Columbus Ohio 43219
  • United States
  • Year Founded: 1995
  • Ownership: Private
  • Number of Employees: 100 - 249
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Supercharge your customer experiences and bring smart insights back to the company. Astute's customer engagement software gets you there.

Astute's technology powers smarter CX and delivers invaluable first-party customer data for the world's most innovative brands.

The Astute platform makes it easy for companies to engage and delight individual customers across all channels, while gathering first-hand insight to improve the experience for everyone.

Astute blends AI-driven customer self-service, best-of-breed agent desktop CRM, and powerful customer analytics to drive efficiency, loyalty, and brand protection for consumer brands all over the world. Visit for more information.


Product Description

Agent Tools

Drive customer service efficiency and agent engagement with Astute’s best-of-breed CRM, Astute Agent.

  • Give your team one agent desktop combines all channels – email, phone, live chat, SMS, social, and more – into a single interface.
  • Automatically generate replies to customer emails that agents need only to review and send.
  • Let agents resolve cases more efficiently with smart data entry features and automation of repetitive tasks.
  • Empower agents to work each case with confidence by offering in-context guidance and customer details right on the case screen.
  • Put answers to any question at agents’ fingertips with an integrated knowledge base.
  • Guarantee the system works for you now and into the future with robust configurability options.
  • Simplify compliance with consumer privacy laws and regulatory requirements with flexible workflows and audit trails.


Social Media Management

Engage in real time across social channels, gain valuable insights from social listening, publish posts, and manage ratings and reviews – all in one comprehensive solution.


  • Monitor relevant conversations and mentions of your brand on conventional social channels like Facebook and Twitter as well as other mentions across the web.
  • Simplify social customer care by filtering through the noise to identify and respond to relevant, actionable posts from consumers, and easily connect to your CRM to resolve.
  • Track and respond to ratings and reviews across a variety of review platforms, including Facebook, Google, Amazon, BazaarVoice, and more.
  • Publish content to your social channels, manage your social post calendar, store creative assets, and measure the effectiveness of your posts.
  • Track consumer sentiment with a tool that understands the nuance of language and emotions, including slang and sarcasm, with smarter social media monitoring and interpretation.
  • Run social ad campaigns across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat from a unified dashboard, and track ad performance alongside key social engagement metrics.

Digital Self-Service

Help customers help themselves with Astute’s award-winning digital service platform.

  • Give your customers access to easy self-help 24/7 with a conversational AI chatbot.
  • Free up agents by automating replies to the most common questions from customers.
  • Ensure a consistent experience and accurate answers across all the channels and devices where customers want to engage.
  • Source answers from knowledgebases, websites, where-to-buy databases, internal systems, and more.
  • Get alerted to gaps in your self-service content, and easily author new replies.
  • Make escalating from self-service to an agent seamless and smooth, ensuring customers never have to repeat their story.
  • Deploy new content quickly when crisis situations arise to keep customers informed.

Customer Insights

Collect and mine customer first-party data, giving you insights you can’t find anywhere else.

  • Capture data across all customer interactions, collecting direct and indirect feedback, in a single system of record.
  • Easily flow customer data into your corporate data lake, enabling your whole organization to leverage customer insights.
  • Slice and dice your data using integrations with leading business intelligence platforms like Tableau, allowing you to see high-level trends and dive deep when needed.
  • Find and address underlying customer issues instead of patching up the symptoms, improving the experience for all.

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Whitepapers, Archived Webcasts and Sponsored Content

  • Astute Agent
    Astute Agent gives your agents everything they need to work cases confidently and efficiently. This modern case management CRM is the preferred choice for Consumer Relations and Customer Care teams who support some of the world’s most prestigious brands.
  • Astute Bot
    Today’s customers expect 24/7/365 responsiveness from companies across a range of channels and devices. Give them what they want with an AI-driven chatbot. Astute Bot powers self-service experiences via web chat, SMS, social messaging, mobile apps, and voice assistants, offloading the most repetitive cases from agents while enabling customers to find the answers they seek – and letting them seamlessly connect with a human at any point in the interaction.
  • Astute Analytics
    Every interaction with a customer presents an opportunity to capture first-party data. Astute helps you collect useful, accurate customer data, turn it into insights, and take action to change your business. With powerful visualizations, dashboards, and the ability to drill down into the details, you gain a more informed perspective on customers’ true experience with your brand.
  • Astute Social
    Customers love to share their experiences with companies and products – good or bad – on social networks. And they expect responsiveness and empathy. With Astute Social, you can engage in real time across social channels, gain valuable insights from social listening, publish posts, and manage ratings and reviews – all in one comprehensive software.
  • Astute Email Virtual Assistant (EVA)
    Astute's Email Virtual Assistant saves your agents valuable time by automatically crafting email responses. Using natural language processing and machine learning, EVA can shave the time it takes you to respond to emails by up to 5X.


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