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About MK SmartSpeech

Next Generation Speech Analytics Solution

Speech Analytics benefits offered by MK speech recognition software, range from voice, chat and email data solutions for customer experience, call center operations and accurate transcriptions, to give companies an all-in-one research and analytics platform. Amongst all speech analytics vendors, MK SmartSpeech provides a customized speech analytics solution to clients across contact centers, industries and verticals.

Their SmartSpeech Technology is powered by Voci's proprietary HyperVox hardware-accelerated speech recognition technology, with highly accurate output that can then be further analyzed to customized client needs. Services range from voice data solutions for customer experience, call center operations and transcriptions are guaranteed accurate out of the box.



Keyword spotting helps to identify keywords in utterances by analyzing conversation between two or more people and indicate whether specific key-words were mentioned. It helps businesses to identify trends by frequency and thus prioritize and address business problemss


It helps to classify unstructured content through development and deployment of categorization and extraction rules. All valuable information hidden in millions of voice transactions with our customers is categorized to give meaningful business insights


It groups data into Dimensions & Measurements and helps to extract value by unfolding complex relationships between business variables. For example, relationships between sales by Geography, Time and Demography

Product Description

MK SmartSpeech suite of products enables clients to carry out advanced call analytics and benchmarking using Speech To Text technology.

MK SmartSpeech Benefits

  1. Searchable Recordings
    Conduct simple keyword searches or design complex queries for detailed results
  2. Intelligent Dashboards
    Analyze multiple focus areas through integrated dashboards
  3. Trend Based Reporting
    Analyze trends to assess emerging issues for quicker action and control
  4. New Hire Assessment
    Perform new hire proficiency assessment and identify training needs
  5. Emotional Intelligence
    Perform assessment of customer emotions and sentiment to improve customer experience
  6. PCI DSS Compliant
    Automatically identify and redact credit card info and other PCI sensitive information
  7. Audio Metadata
    Integrate valuable metadata for silence, speaker clarity & talk-over information
  8. Cloud or On-Premise
    Option to host over the cloud or on-site, thereby asserting more physical control
  9. Gender Identification
    Segregate conversations to determine unique gender preferences
  10. Automated Redaction
    Automatically redact sensitive information from your audio and text output
  11. Speaker Separation
    Better understand speaker interactions by separating each side of the conversation
  12. Custom Applications
    Automatically sort and analyze 100% of your audio by employing easy-to-use applications

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We did four different projects with Speech Analytics across different areas of application. The results in all areas were very promising and we are already in the process of making some significant changes

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