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Accurately Capture, Verify, and Geocode Any Address Worldwide

Almost all data has locations, and accurate locations power a wealth of business processes: Customer Relationship Management, data quality, delivery of materials, goods or services, fraud detection, insurance risk assessment, data analytics, store and territory planning, and much more. New applications that harness the information in Big Data, location based services, customer analytics, and market intelligence need the accuracy and intelligence that only comes from great address quality.

Let Loqate help unleash the value of your location data

Loqate, the definitive source of everything location can power your applications with a combination of address capture, verification, and geocoding - all for 240+ countries. Loqate becomes the single global source for high quality, accurate location information.

Loqate corporate headquarters are in San Bruno, CA with sales and support offices in Europe. The company sells its products as components that are leveraged by software vendors, service providers, and systems integrators. Loqate has a network of partners and resellers around the globe.

Product Description


Real time entry of address data for a fast, accurate, and user friendly data entry experience in call center, CRM and e-Commerce environments. Users are returned instant results based on each character entered into the form, providing an intuitive experience for the user and ensuring only accurate data is entered into the database. The result is guaranteed clean data entry, positive customer experience, and reduced support costs due to greater efficiency in support interactions.


Worldwide address cleansing with the most advanced error tolerant parsing algorithms for the direct marketing, data quality and MDM markets. Robust parsing enables unrestrictive address cleansing and the software automatically puts components into the correct address field, making applications that process location data more accurate and of higher value. The process is also resilient to erroneous, non-address data. Verify can transliterate addresses between many languages and can format address to local standards.


High granularity generation of a latitude longitude coordinate for any address worldwide, leveraging the most comprehensive multi-source reference data for GIS, Location Based Services, and any application where knowing the physical location is important. Geocode enables a latitude-longitude coordinate to be added to any world address and enjoys superior market leading breadth and depth of data, with worldwide coverage to city or postal code centroid, and delivery point/rooftop level coverage for over 170 countries.

Integration and Extensibility

The integration of all four components and the Loqate Global Knowledge Repository (GKR) make the difference in your application. The GKR contains reference data relating to postal addresses and other geographic points of interest for all 240+ populated countries and territories of the world. The GKR is used in conjunction with all other Loqate solutions and is the only reference database of its type with complete global coverage. Data is developed by Loqate and sourced directly from entities around the world and is licensed for use within the Loqate solutions. Have special requirements? Extend the GKR to meet your specific needs.

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