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Maria Minsker is a contributing writer based in New York.

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Top 10 Cheap Alternatives to Salesforce for SMBs in 2021

Not all businesses can afford, or even need, all of Salesforce's bells and whistles. Here are 10 cheaper alternatives.

SEO Success Is a Moving Target, but Good Content Will Always Be Crucial

To keep up with Google's algorithm updates, marketers should prioritize content quality and understand user intent

3 Customer Service Mistakes Disney Plus Made at Launch

Despite the early success, including many more subscribers than analysts anticipated, the launch of Disney Plus wasn't without flaws. Here are the three biggest customer service mistakes the company made during launch week.

5 Ways Brands Celebrated #CustomerServiceWeek on Twitter

Here's how these companies showed off their customer service (and social media) savvy.

The Best Enterprise CRM Software and Solutions: The 2019 CRM Market Leader Awards

The Best CRM for Midsize Companies: The 2019 CRM Market Leader Awards

The Best Sales Force Automation (SFA) Software and Solutions: The 2019 CRM Market Leader Awards

Anxious Customers Prefer Human Customer Service, HBR Research Finds

As companies increasingly defer customers to self-service and automated channels, there's a cohort of customers that may not benefit from this approach—anxious ones. (Featured on

Best Customer Case Management: The 2019 CRM Service Leaders Awards

Best Web Support: The 2019 CRM Service Leaders Awards

Best Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM): The 2019 CRM Service Leaders Awards

Conversocial Acquires Automation Platform Assist

Multichannel customer service provider Conversocial has acquired customer service automation platform Assist in an effort to offer a hybrid customer service tool that integrates agents' and bots' capabilities. (Featured on

TechSee Secures $16 Million in Funding for Computer Vision AI

TechSee's AI-based video service leverages a combination of computer vision, augmented reality, and users' smartphone cameras to deliver tech support to customers. (Featured on

Alaska Airlines Debuts Text Messaging for Customer Service

The airline estimates that 40 percent of the calls received can easily be handled via text, so the new service will now likely alleviate pressure on its customer service line. (Featured on

Customer Service Reps Say that Systems and Tools Are Their Biggest Challenge, Gartner Finds

Only 16 percent of reps find that systems and tools actually enhance their ability to handle customer issues. (Featured on

The Best Enterprise CRM Software and Solutions: The CRM Market Leader Awards 2018

The Best CRM for Midsize Companies: The CRM Market Leader Awards 2018

The Best Sales Force Automation Software and Solutions: The CRM Market Leader Awards 2018

Observe.AI Wants to Use AI to Help Customer Service Agents—Not Make Them Obsolete

A start-up with roots in the United States and India, Observe.AI just secured $8 million in funding to continue developing its artificial intelligence-powered call center system. (Featured on

Is Google Finally Offering Contact Center Support to Its Customers?

Google's enterprise customers will get access to customer service representatives and true contact center-based support—at least when it comes to Google Maps and Google's cloud product. (Featured on

T-Mobile Tops J.D. Power’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

For the 16th time, the carrier beat out all of its competitors, posting a record-setting score for the second year in a row. (Featured on

Dish Customer Service Is Coming to iMessage

Paid television provider Dish is now inviting customers to message the company via the Apple app. (Featured on

Etihad Ups Its Customer Service Game (but Only for Premium Customers)

Etihad Airways is enabling its top customers to message it via WhatsApp, handing out the number at the premium check-in desk at Abu Dhabi International Airport. (Featured on

Valassis Digital’s New Chatbot Offers Car-Buying Support

Valassis Digital is aiming to expand what chatbots are capable of by having its bot provide in-depth support throughout the car buying process. (Featured on

Drones: The Future of Walmart Customer Service?

Walmart has filed a patent to bring drones to its stores and bridge the gap between searching for items on a mobile device and actually locating them in its massive physical stores. (Featured on

Which Companies Are the Best at Customer Service?

In a survey of more than 7,500 consumers, advisory firm KPMG identified the top firms when it comes to providing a great service experience. (Featured on

10 Tweets That Show How Customers Feel About Amazon’s Tougher Return Policy

Amazon has recently taken a tough stance on customers that return items to the e-commerce giant too frequently. How do customers feel about it? Here's a sampling.

Gartner Finds CRM Was the Largest Software Market in 2017

The worldwide CRM software revenue reached nearly 40 billion in 2017.

Best Customer Case Management: The 2018 CRM Service Leaders

Best Web Support Software: The 2018 CRM Service Leaders

Best Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) Software: The 2018 CRM Service Leaders

2017’s Customer Service Hits and Misses

Another year has gone by, and while some companies spent 2017 delivering excellent customer service, others have stumbled.

Insightly’s Updated CRM Suite Promises Faster Performance and Better Search Capabilities

The latest version of its CRM suite aims to deliver faster performance and eliminate some of the lag associated with legacy CRM tools. (Featured on

Consumers Want Airlines to Provide More In-App Customer Support

According to research from Helpshift, 89 percent of travelers said they'd want to use a customer support feature in an airline app while flying, not just for checking in, choosing a seat, or other pre-travel tasks. (Featured on

Helpshift Integrates with Salesforce to Deliver Richer Messaging Capabilities

Mobile customer service provider Helpshift can now make use of Salesforce's case management, omnichannel routing, and knowledge base management capabilities. (Featured on

Verizon Debuts Tap-to-Talk Customer Service Tool

Verizon Enterprise Solutions has launched Visual Interactive Calling, a tool that enables consumers to tap a button in an app and connect directly to a live agent. (Featured on

Call Center Fraud Is Up by 113 Percent, a Telecom Security Group Says

According to Pindrop Lab's 2017 Call Center Fraud Report, every fraudulent call represents a loss of roughly $0.58 for the business. (Featured on

United Airlines Debuts New Customer Service Policies—but Are They Enough?

To say that United Airlines has been in hot water recently is an understatement. Now, United Airlines has rolled out 10 new customer service policies in response to some of the recent incidents, but one customer service expert argues they're simply not enough. (Featured on

Amazon Moves Alexa into the Contact Center

Amazon Connect positions AWS as a contact center solutions provider

Pega’s Intelligent Virtual Assistant Makes Chatbots Smarter

With the introduction today of the Pega Intelligence Virtual Assistant, Pegasystems is offering artificial intelligence extenders for platforms including Facebook, Slack, and others. (Featured on

Location Sharing Is Now Part of Twitter's Customer Support Tool Ecosystem

Just a few months after revamping its Direct Messages, Twitter added a new feature to the offering: the location request feature, enabling businesses to ask customers they're conversing with to share their location via direct message. (Featured on

Invoca Secures More Funding at an 'Exciting Time' for Call Center Analytics

Call center analytics company Invoca just secured $30 million in series D funding, with Morgan Stanley Alternative Investment Partners as the lead investor. (Featured on

The 2017 CRM Service Rising Stars: Zappix Eases IVR Frustrations

With Visual Dual-Session Customer Support, customers now have a new IVR support channel choice

The 2017 CRM Service Elite Customer Companies: NCR Silver

For the mobile POS systems provider, Salesforce LiveMessage exceeds multichannel support expectations

Five Customer Service Bots for Facebook Messenger That Actually Work

Here are five companies delivering solid service through the emerging channel. (Featured on

Pega Adds Desktop Analytics Layer to Its Customer Service Platform

Pegasystems' new AI-powered capabilities pull insight from the solutions agents rely on and identify processes that slow down daily activities. (Featured on

Twitter Customer Service Direct Messaging Gets a Makeover

Twitter is updating its direct messaging with Custom Profiles, enabling brands to differentiate automated responses from human responses during interactions with customers. (Featured on

Fake News, Meet Fake Customer Support: Facebook’s “Customer Service Line” Is a Scam

According to research by an NPR reporter, conducting a Google search for "Facebook Customer Service" can lead callers right into the hands of scammers. (Featured on

For Chipotle Employees, Pay Will Now Be Tied to Customer Service

Chipotle CEO Steve Ells is making good on his promise to improve the company's customer service by implementing a new compensation system for its employees. (Featured on

United's New Set of Customer Service Apps Could Tackle Customer Woes

United Airlines is working with both IBM and Apple on several apps designed for the 50,000 iPhone and iPads that its employees currently use. (Featured on

Salesforce's State of Service Findings Reveal a Bigger Role for Service

More than 68 percent of the service teams surveyed say they're the ones leading customer experience efforts. (Featured on

Temkin Group Releases Predictions for Top Customer Service Trends of 2017

This year will be the "year of purpose"—though many trends have carried over from last year, the differentiating factor in 2017 will be maturation. (Featured on

Customers Are Ready for Chatbots, Aspect’s Consumer Experience Index Reveals

The 2016 Consumer Experience Index survey conducted by Aspect finds that 44 percent of shoppers prefer to use chatbots rather than speak to a live agent, assuming that the automated assistant is capable of handling the request. (Featured on

Chipotle Admits to Poor Customer Service, but Promises to Improve

Chipotle founder and co-CEO Steve Ells admitted the company has underperformed in customer service, with roughly half of its 2,100 restaurants receiving C grades for service, but Ells said Chipotle is devoting "laserlike" attention to the situation. (Featured on

Conversocial Weighs in on the State of Social Customer Service

According to a recent report from social customer service provider Conversocial, there's still a long journey ahead before customers fully trust social media as a primary channel for support. (Featured on

Apple Introduces iPhone Support App to Promote Self-Service

Apple is rolling out an app to offer iPhone and iPad support directly on the devices, one that offers troubleshooting suggestions, connects customers with agents via phone, and enables live chats between customers and Apple's support team. (Featured on

Freshdesk’s New Funding Opens the Door to AI Service Solutions

Freshdesk is continuing to expand its solutions beyond customer service, with fresh funding putting the company in a position where it has the flexibility to innovate, says Dilawar Syed, president at Freshdesk. (Featured on

Twitter Study Reveals Customer Service on the Platform Drives Shoppers to Spend More

Twitter has released findings from a customer service study revealing that the manner in which customer service is delivered on Twitter plays a significant role in how much consumers spend. (Featured on

Helpshift Launches Campaigns to Enable More ‘Proactive’ In-App Support

Helpshift, a customer service platform for in-app support, is now offering Campaigns, a feature that arms companies with a more proactive approach to in-app customer service. (Featured on

Customer Service Week Isn't Just about Customers—It's About Employees, Too

Next week's dedication to customer service is an opportunity for brands to treat customers to surprises, perks, and other engagements, but it should be about employee appreciation as well. (Featured on

Skyscanner Travel Planner Snafu Highlights the Need for Live Agent–Bot Balance

AI tools can perform certain tasks faster and more efficiently than people, but a recent customer service hiccup from travel planning company Skyscanner serves as a reminder that, however powerful it is, AI won't be a catch-all tool for customer support. (Featured on

Comcast Tops the Customer Service Wall of Shame While Amazon Shines in the Hall of Fame

More than 1,500 Americans were asked by equity insight and analytics provider 24/7 Wall Street and research company Zogby Analytics to evaluate companies across 17 industries. (Featured on

Genesys's AppFoundry and DevFoundry Are Innovation Springboards

App marketplace AppFoundry and developer portal DevFoundry have see rapid growth, with AppFoundry offering more than 100 customer experience apps and DevFoundry supporting over 250 users. (Featured on

4 Reasons Customers Still Love Contact Centers

As brands increasingly strive to provide self-service options for customers to solve straightforward problems quickly and efficiently, contact centers are taking on new roles. (Featured on

Twitter Is Testing More Customer Service Features

The company is continuing to roll out features dedicated to the social customer service space. (Featured on

With New Funding, Helpshift Aims to Take Customer Support from Reactive to Proactive and Autonomous

With its recently received $23 million in funding from Microsoft Ventures, Salesforce Ventures, and other investors, Helpshift plans to continue improving its in-app messaging customer service tool. (Featured on

American Customer Satisfaction Index: T-Mobile Emerges as Top Mobile Service Provider

In an industry often criticized for poor customer satisfaction, T-Mobile rose to the top, beating out competitors AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. (Featured on

Salesforce Introduces Lightning Snap-Ins for the Service Cloud

To deliver a more seamless cross-device experience for customers, Salesforce has introduced Snap-In SDKs for the Web and for mobile devices. (Featured on

LiveNinja Combines the Best of Live Chat and Messaging in a Hybrid Product

LiveNinja just secured $2 million in funding to continue developing a hybrid tool that brings together the best of both worlds. (Featured on

Latest Version of Coveo's 'Intelligent' Search Puts Queries Into Context

Coveo for Sitecore Pro Cloud Edition aims to make search content more relevant for customers. (Featured on

Facebook Debuts Customer Service Bots on Messenger

The new automated response system for customer support and e-commerce interactions can support text as well as images and links. (Featured on

Uber Replaces Email With In-App Support

The redesigned help function within the app will tackle common questions and concerns and give riders easy access to passenger ratings. (Featured on

Millennials Like to Complain, but Tend to Be Loyal Customers, J.D. Power Finds

A new study reveals that Millennials have a lower tolerance for customer service issues than Boomers, but also tend to value effective issue resolution more than their older counterparts. (Featured on

Avaya Launches Zang, a Cloud Communications Platform

The communications platform-as-a-service will enable businesses to simplify the way they communicate with customers. (Featured on

Twitter Rolls Out New Customer Service Tools

Twitter updates its Direct Message capability with deep links, which enable users to send private messages to businesses quicker and more effectively. (Featured on

Pegasystems Introduces Field Service CRM Application to Extend Pega 7 Platform

The new app offers on-the-go CRM functionality to professionals that deliver service on-site. (Featured on

Stella Service Names L.L. Bean Top Retailer in Terms of Customer Service

For the second quarter in a row, L.L. Bean reigns supreme on Stella Service's benchmark report of retailers' customer service performance. (Featured on

Switching to Social: A Q&A With Conversocial CEO Joshua March

Mobile support is becoming a must-have when it comes to customer service, but are in-app support and service cutting it? (Featured on

Outlook 2016: How CRM Will Foster an Era of Good Feelings

As tools mature and vendors rally around journey-driven solutions, organizations will be better equipped to please customers' ever-evolving demands

Responsiveness Pays Off: Twitter Research Shows Airline Customers Will Pay More Following Good Customer Service

The faster the response, the more customers are willing to pay. (Featured on

Facebook Is Transforming Pages Into a Customer Service Hub

The social network is launching new capabilities to enhance the platform's customer service features. (Featured on

Constellation Research Zeroes in on Five Trends Putting Retail Consumers in the Driver's Seat

Thanks to social media, customer reviews, and other tools that give consumers the power to shape the brand dialogue, companies have had to make significant improvements in the way they deliver service. (Featured on

10 Ways to Boost Event Marketing Effectiveness

Smart giveaways, targeted messaging, and engaging social conversations make for meaningful event engagements

Amazon's New Bookstore Is About Customer Service, Not Sales

The brick-and-mortar shop aims not to compete with Amazon's online book sales, but to deliver a different kind of in-store experience. (Featured on

LuckyFish Hooks "Hi-Def" Customer Segments with Optimove

Facebook Audience micro-segments let the gaming company boost retention rates

Genesys Launches AppFoundry, a Customer Service App Marketplace

AppFoundry will be the only enterprise marketplace "focused 100 percent on service solutions." (Featured on

The 2015 CRM Market Leaders: Small-Business CRM Suite

The 2015 CRM Market Leaders: Marketing Solutions

The 2015 CRM Market Leaders: Business Intelligence

The 2015 CRM Market Rising Stars: IBM Rallies Around Commerce

The 2015 CRM Market Rising Stars: Sprinklr Offers a Panacea for Social Relationship Management

The 2015 CRM Market Elite: 3 Day Blinds

Marketo's marketing automation plus Turn's advertising platform helped 3 Day Blinds pinpoint new customers.

The 2015 CRM Market Elite: Stryker

Using the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, Stryker cut down the cost and production time of marketing content.

The 2015 CRM Market Influential Leaders: Lowell McAdam, CEO, Verizon

The 2015 CRM Market Influential Leaders: Brad Rencher, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Adobe

Great Customer Experience Starts with the Right Corporate Culture

Engaged employees make for more satisfied customers

Grotto Pizza Engages Loyal Customers with Paytronix

A new loyalty platform brings in the dough off-season

PeopleLinx Launches Updated Social Selling App for

New version expands reach beyond social to include email and phone capabilities.

InsideView Builds Platform, Partners with ConnectUp and Kairos

The new framework will extend InsideView solutions to a new set of customers.

Monetate Introduces Three-Part Predictive Decisioning Platform

The solution enables marketers to scale personalization efforts.

The 3 Ds of the Internet of Things

It's all about connecting devices, data, and development platforms

BetterWorks Integrates with Salesforce

The goal management solution promises to be 'like FitBit for work.'

Paytronix Updates Mobile Loyalty App Solution

New features include upgraded social tools and reporting dashboards.

DBTA Data Summit: The Future of Big Data Calls for Compromise Between Old and New Approaches

Emerging data sources present a set of unique challenges for data scientists.

Percolate, Spredfast, and Sprinklr Are the Top Social Relationship Platforms, Forrester Finds

Most social relationship management platforms lack content recommendation and performance measurement capabilities.

IBM Partners with Facebook to Offer Integrated Marketing Tools

The collaboration will enable users to better hone their advertising campaigns.

Genesys Furthers Integration with Skype for Business

Customers no longer have to "sacrifice functionality" due to a limited integration.

10 Ways to Liven Up Your Loyalty Program

Add functionality and flair to traditional rewards-based structures

At Adobe Digital Marketing Summit, Adobe Adds to Campaign and Experience Manager, Marketing Cloud

The vendor prepares for an era where "the product is the marketing."

Required Reading: Disrupting Digital Business Requires Right- and Left-Brain Thinking

Digital Darwinism is unkind to those who wait.

Customer Reviews Drive CitizenShipper's Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Trustpilot's review validation platform adds credibility to claims

Adobe Partners with Microsoft to Connect Marketing Cloud with Dynamics CRM

The vendor touts updates to Adobe Experience Manager and announces acquisition of Tumri at the Adobe Summit in London.

RingCentral Partners with inContact to Provide Cloud Contact Center Functionality

The cloud communications provider will now offer real-time queuing and dashboarding for the contact center.

Evergage Integrates Its Real-Time Personalization Tool with Google Analytics

The integration makes user experience reporting available on a familiar interface.

Verint Adds Gamification Infrastructure to Customer Engagement Optimization Portfolio

The solution aims to make employees more engaged and productive.

Birst Partners With Tableau To Offer Data Visualization Capability

A technological integration between the two complementary solutions will provide more data agility.

Marketo Integrates with InsideView Target To Streamline List Importing

InsideView Target customers can now build targeted lists for Marketo with one click.

Augmented and Virtual Reality Markets Will Hit a Combined $150 Billion By 2020

Proliferation of AR and VR devices will drive a new type of commerce.

Tealium Delivers Deep Integration with Oracle Commerce

New connections will drive more personalized experiences.

On Day Two of the Gartner BI Summit, Analysts Call for 'More Synthesis'

Business intelligence professionals must become agile change agents.

CEO Mark Hurd Is Firm on Oracle's CX Commitment at Modern Customer Experience Conference

With only 10 percent of companies integrating CX processes, Oracle makes integration a priority.

Fox Entertainment Engages Twitter Audiences with Speakr

The company turned to the platform's influencer community to generate buzz for a movie's premiere.

Snapchat Is All Grown Up and Ready for Marketers

The app delivers unique ad experiences through Brand Story and Discover platforms.

Required Reading: The Captivology of Branding (Video Interview)

Marketing is an art, but capturing attention is a science.

Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics Peek into the Future

A symbiotic relationship is key to a successful business intelligence ecosystem.

Analysts at Gartner Business Intelligence Summit Talk Top BI 'Dilemmas' and How to Solve Them (Video Presentation)

The future of IT calls for boldness and a bimodal approach.

Lyris Rolls Out Content Personalization Tool for Publishers and Media Companies

The solution will deliver customized editorial content to subscribers' email inboxes.

Datahug Introduces Sales Closer, a Sales Assistant for CRM Systems

The tool offers predictive guidance for closing sales.

Zilliant Introduces MarginMax Ramp, a Predictive Pricing Solution

The pricing optimization platform will give B2B users more control over price fluctuation.

Genesys Debuts the Latest Version of Its Customer Experience Platform

Updates include new omnichannel journey management capabilities.

Adobe Summit Day Two: Adobe Doubles Down on Mobile and Wearable App Technology

Amid inspirational celebrity messages, Adobe delivers solutions for the Internet of Things.

Adobe Summit Day One: Adobe Touts Major Upgrades to Campaign and Experience Manager; Introduces Two Solutions for Its Marketing Cloud (Video Demonstration)

The vendor prepares for an era where 'the product is the marketing.'

NewsCred Delivers Analytics to Content Marketers with Audience Insights Tool

The addition to the company's marketing platform will give users a wider view of content engagement.

Autopilot’s Multichannel Marketing Platform Promises to Fill Key Market Gap

The solution is for customers that have ‘outgrown MailChimp, but are not yet ready for Marketo.'

The 2015 CRM Service Elite: Oracle Service Cloud Catalyzes Multichannel Support Strategy

The 'right technology' helps Kohl's carry out a deep reorganization of its customer care team.

The 2015 CRM Rising Stars: NICE Systems Innovates with Real-Time Analytics

The veteran vendor is this year's comeback kid.

The 2015 CRM Service Leaders: Web Support

The 2015 CRM Service Leaders: Contact Center Search

The 2015 CRM Service Leaders: Enterprise Feedback Management

Facebook Gets Real About Virtual Reality

Oculus Rift, Facebook's $2 billion VR venture, could soon be a viable marketing channel.

Required Reading: Brand Differentiation Is the Best 'Brand Aid'

To improve their market position, brands need to stand out.

BlueConic Launches Quick Connections Tool to Enable Data Source Integration

Customers can now integrate disparate CRM, CMS, and DMP platforms.

Brands Still Think About Digital Marketing Tactically, not Strategically

New Forrester report reveals marketers are guilty of 'check-the-box' digital planning.

Conversocial Launches Crowds to Facilitate Peer-to-Peer Customer Support

New platform enables customers to help each other with common support needs.

Preact Integrates with Zendesk App

New functionality will provide support agents with more customer context

Oracle Launches Life Sciences Solution for Oracle Marketing Cloud

The solution delivers marketing tools while adhering to HIPAA regulations.

Evergage Launches B2B Detect for Site Personalization

New capabilities target visitors by IP address.

McDonald's Commercial Tops NetBase's List of Best Super Bowl Ads

The tear-jerking Nationwide ad was a close second, despite controversy.

Predictive Analytics Will Be a $2.3 Billion Market by 2019

The technology is maturing to handle the influx of data from mobile devices and the Internet of Things.

Is Your Product 'Well Designed'?

Great products require a combination of aesthetics and empathy.

The Path to Personalized Customer Journeys

It takes much more than just knowing your customer's name.

Trupanion's Tailored Marketing Keeps Pet Owners Engaged

Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution boosts email effectiveness and retention.

GoDaddy Pulls Controversial Super Bowl Ad

Following staunch criticism from animal activists, GoDaddy has replaced its puppy-centered content.

SAP Introduces Marketing Gap Analysis Tool

The interactive analysis was developed through a collaboration with Raab Associates.

AgilOne Launches Predictive Marketing Cloud

Built "from the ground up," the solution promises to eliminate silos.

Cybersecurity Is Not Just About Protection, but Detection Too

Enterprises must prepare to tackle inevitable breaches in 2015.

Teradata Acquires Mobile Marketing Provider Appoxee

The platform will be integrated into Teradata's Integrated Marketing Cloud.

Adobe Debuts New Marketing Cloud Capabilities at the NRF Show

New features include email personalization and improved audience targeting

Microsoft Releases Updated Parature Customer Care Solution

The largest release in Parature's history includes more than 30 new features.

Shopping Season Wrap-Up: Sales Are Up, and Security Breaches Are Down

Cybersecurity, social media, and mobile commerce will be major themes in 2015.

WWE and Warner Bros. Pin Down a Winning Mobile Campaign with TreSensa

Interactive game drives engagement—and sales—for the companies' cobranded DVD.

Is Hadoop Worth the Hype?

Despite slow early adoption, the big data behemoth is here to stay.

Should Businesses Review Customers?

Reverse reviews hold customers accountable for their behaviors.

As Data-Driven Marketing Gains Traction, Governance and Analytics Present New Challenges

Brands must use data responsibly and strive to deliver highly personalized experiences. (Originally appeared on

Kip Tindell's Uncontainable Secrets for Building a Business

Why Foundation Principles, not rules and policies, are the way to go.

Consumers Will Spend $142 Billion Through Mobile Purchases by 2019, Forrester Predicts

In-person payments have the most growth potential.

Swiftpage Updates Act! Cloud with Predictive Time Management Functionality

Added tools provide campaign scheduling capabilities and a follow-up recommendation engine. Introduces Salesforce Files Connect

The solution brings native file integration to customer relationship management. Launches the AppExchange Store Builder

Build-them-yourself app stores will provide more flexibility and opportunity for customization.

Apple and IBM Launch First Wave of Codeveloped iOS Apps for the Enterprise

Early adopters of the industry-specific apps include Citibank, Air Canada, and Sprint.

Zendesk Launches Embeddables to Make Customer Service Native to Mobile Apps

Users can now incorporate self-service, ticket submission, and chats into apps.

Mobile Leads the Way in Holiday Weekend Shopping Traffic

Despite slowing brick-and-mortar sales, online and mobile sales surge.

UPS Calls on Marketers to Help Manage Holiday Peak

A joint effort is designed to curb shipping slowdowns this year.

Revealing the Keys to Leading Digital Transformations

Smart technology investments are just the beginning.

The 3 Cardinal Rules of Cause Marketing

There's a fine line between giving and gimmick.

An Evening with Buddy Valastro, the Real-Life Willy Wonka

As Carlo's Bakery gets bigger and embraces new technology, the Cake Boss' business philosophy stays true to its roots. (This story originally appeared on DestinationCRM on October 24, 2014.)

Traeger Grills' Email Marketing Campaign Sizzles with Analytics

When batch and blast no longer cut it for the outdoor grill manufacturer, AgilOne delivered a more targeted solution.

Experian Introduces Holiday Hot Sheet; Joins Growing Group of Vendors Reporting Consumers' Holiday Habits

The Hot Sheet reports weekly shopping trends and provides campaign tips.

IBM Launches B2B Commerce Tool

New solution helps businesses bring B2C selling capabilities into the B2B space. Unveils Updated Customer Service Platform on Its Salesforce Tour in NYC (Video Interview)

President and Vice Chairman Keith Block touts improvements to analytics, app-building, and customer-engagement capabilities. Plus, an exclusive video interview with Stephanie Buscemi, senior vice president of's Analytics Cloud

Adobe Introduces Data-Driven Marketing Capabilities for Mobile Devices

New tools leverage location-marketing and personalization functionality.

Yahoo Acquires Video Advertising Platform BrightRoll for $640 Million

The move reaffirms CEO Marissa Mayer's commitment to video content.

SAP Partners with Facebook to Offer Enhanced Audience Engagement Platform

SAP's Customer Engagement Intelligence Suite will be integrated with Facebook's Custom Audiences platform.

TIBCO Software Introduces Latest Version of Its Fast Data Platform

Updated solutions bring together data from multiple channels at the right moment.

Microsoft Dynamics Partners with; Introduces Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015

The companies will focus on driving omnichannel engagement and breaking down silos between marketing and sales

Stryker Takes Brochures into the Digital Age with Adobe's Publishing Suite

Adobe DPS cuts production time and cost for the medical device company.

How to Create the Right Content for the Right Social Channel

Marketers should understand and leverage the unique qualities of each network to drive conversations and conversion.

Dynamic Pricing Gains Ground

But it must factor in how much customers are willing to pay.

Search Goes Social

Google's SEO algorithms are changing, with social media playing a big part.

More E-Commerce Experiences Are in Store

New technology enables retailers to bridge the physical and digital divide for the holiday shopping season

Why Twitter Is Not a Strategy

Though new technology is tempting, marketers have to get back to basics.

DMA 2014: Customer Centricity Must Guide Marketing Strategies Across Channels, Presenters Agree

E-commerce is an unstoppable global force ripe with data.

DMA 2014: As Data-Driven Marketing Gains Traction, Governance and Analytics Present New Challenges

Brands must use data responsibly and strive to deliver highly personalized experiences.

An Evening with Buddy Valastro, the Real-Life Willy Wonka

As Carlo's Bakery gets bigger and embraces new technology, Buddy's philosophy remains the same.

Zendesk Adds Net Promoter Score Surveys to Its Customer Service Platform

The survey tool helps Zendesk users evaluate their customer relationships.

Teradata Updates Its Integrated Marketing Cloud

New features deliver real-time analytics and help create personalized customer experiences.

Insightly Integrates CRM Solution with Quickbooks Online, Dropbox, and Box

Greater demand for file-sharing capabilities drives integrations.

Brainshark Unveils Sales Accelerator Tool at Dreamforce

The new platform provides sales reps with more contextual content.

IBM Debuts Watson-Powered Apps in the Cloud

Developed by IBM's Ecosystem Partners, the apps "represent a new era of computing."

AgilOne Updates Predictive Marketing Cloud

New capabilities include Revenue Finder and Turnkey Actions.

Oracle OpenWorld: As the Need for Business Digitalization Grows, Oracle Speeds Ahead with New Cloud Solutions

Oracle debuts Big Data Analytics, Big Data Discovery, and a new set of mobile app development tools.

How Mature Is Content Marketing?

Eighty-five percent of B2B marketers can't attribute business value to content activity.

CRM Evolution 2014: Modern Marketers Must Focus on Context, Content, and Revenue

Good products are not enough to engage customers in the digital age. (Originally appeared on

CRM Evolution 2014: Customer Engagement Is the Future of CRM

Brands need to revise their digital, mobile, and call center strategies. (Originally appeared on

Introducing Customer Experience 3.0

The new era of CX must bring sales, marketing, and service closer together.

Interactive Video Breathes New Life into Online Advertising

Traditional linear content is out; personalized dynamic content is in.

Addiktive Games Doubles Conversion Rate with Voxel

The advertising platform's interactive ads engage mobile gamers.

Oracle Gets Serious About the Cloud at OpenWorld 2014

Oracle's updated customer experience cloud promises deep integration and "extreme innovation." Launches Journey Builder for Apps; Partners with Omnicom

The new solution enables companies to incorporate mobile apps into customer journeys.

Verint Engagement Analytics Offers 'Unprecedented' Cross-Channel Analytics

The joint Verint-Kana cloud-based solution enhances customer engagement insight.

HubSpot Introduces Free CRM Solution and Sidekick Sales Acceleration Tool

Growing customer demand is behind the addition of a CRM system to HubSpot's marketing platform

Aviso Launches Sales Forecasting Tool

The solution helps sales teams predict quarterly sales through machine learning.

Marketo's Marketing Calendar Merges Planning and Operations

New tool reduces scheduling conflict and streamlines campaign execution.

Vocus Marketing Rebrands as OutMarket, Strengthens Marketing Automation Arm

OutMarket will cater to midsize companies' marketing needs. Adds New Devices and Apps to Its Salesforce Wear Ecosystem

Apps support devices from Epson, Jawbone, Meta, Oculus, and Vuzix

Umbel's Data Unlocking Platform Is a Slam Dunk for the Indiana Pacers

Audience activation app helps the team better segment and target its Facebook followers.

Why Marketers Need a Tag Management System

TMS solutions track customers' digital journeys so companies can automate appropriate actions.

Millennials Drive Cocreation Marketing

Young hypertaskers prefer user-generated content to traditional media.

Uber Exemplifies Forrester's 'TRUE' Brand Qualities

To compete in the services economy, organizations must satisfy four requirements.

The Importance of Aligning Strategy and Sales

How to close the gap between two pillars of business success

Curalate's Like2Buy Helps Companies Monetize Social Engagement

The new tool allows brands to make Instagram images shoppable.

GoDaddy Acquires Email Marketing Company Mad Mimi

Mad Mimi's technology will enable GoDaddy's small-business customers to better connect with clients.

CRM Evolution 2014 Day Three: As Social Engagement Strategies Mature, New Challenges Arise

The sports industry uses social media to connect with fans during slow periods.

CRM Evolution 2014 Day Two: Customer Engagement Is the Future of CRM

Brands need to revise their digital, mobile, and call center strategies.

CRM Evolution 2014: Modern Marketers Must Focus on Context, Content, and Revenue

Good products are not enough to engage customers in the digital age.

Pursway Connect Helps Marketers Expand Their Audience

Pursway's new tool connects brands to customers' 'real-life' social circles.

Only 8 Percent of Online Businesses and Organizations Send Secure Emails

Most companies and government organizations fail to adequately protect consumers.

FirstRain Launches FirstRain Labs, a Technology Cocreation Community

An analytics-driven mobile calendar is the first tool released through the community.

93 Percent of Retailers Strive to Bridge E-Commerce and In-Store Supply Chains

Companies' top priority is enabing 'seamless' customer experiences.

Is Kid-Targeted Marketing Unethical?

With children going online more often, Internet advertising comes under scrutiny.

Digital Marketing Opportunities Grow in Emerging Markets

Reaching consumers in Latin America and Asia-Pacific requires local targeting.

How to Master the Mobile Mind Shift

It's all about adding utility to mobile moments.

Conversocial Unveils Instagram Integration

The additional channel will expand social customer service capabilities for users.

Forrester Wave Report Evaluates Digital Experience Delivery Platforms

Though the market is young, Adobe and hybris emerge as early leaders. Launches Salesforce1 Sales Reach

The solution gives sales teams access to powerful marketing tools on the go.

Content Marketing Isn't Mature Enough Yet, Forrester Report Finds

Eighty-five percent of B2B marketers can't connect content activity to business value.

Oracle Announces LinkedIn Support, Touts Key Updates to Social and Marketing Clouds

At its Marketing Cloud Interact event, Oracle lays out its plans for leveraging LinkedIn as a marketing tool.

eClerx Launches Replatforming Accelerator to Speed Web Migrations

The solution promises faster time-to-market and more effective digital asset optimization.

Accenture Partners with Hortonworks to Expand Big Data Capabilities

The companies will collaborate on making structured and unstructured databases more accessible.

Businesses Must Answer the Call for Cloud-Based Integration

With cloud platforms becoming increasingly complex. companies should strive for greater interconnectivity. Launches Reports and Dashboard for the Salesforce1 Mobile App

New tools include deeply customizable reporting and visualization capabilities.

Disruptive Digital Technologies Shake Up the C-Suite

As the roles of top executives evolve, new positions emerge to fill the gaps.

Gartner's Customer 360 Summit: Meeting Customers' Expectations Calls for 'Concierged' Experiences

Companies must strive for deeper digital personalization.

Why You Should Never Be Closing

The three-act approach is the new way to sell.

The Road to Omnichannel Marketing Success

As new channels emerge, context-based marketing plays a crucial role.

Rue La La Re-engages Dormant Customers with BrightTag

Tag management vendor's data matching capability delivers a 10 percent conversion boost for the flash sale site.

Twenty-Four Percent of Consumers Are Digital Hypertaskers

Though not the majority, hypertaskers are the fastest-growing consumer group.

Forrester CX Forum Day Two: Brands Need to Break Out of Old Ecosystems

Great experiences require a bold vision and deliberate design.

Forrester Customer Experience Forum: 'Good Is No Longer Good Enough'

Exceptional brand experiences stem from engaged employees.

Seismic Updates Its Sales Enablement Software

The latest release adds tracking and reporting capabilities, external content integration, and other features.

On Second Screens, Only 12 Percent of Viewers Engage with Show Content

Most viewers are checking email, texting, or interacting with Web sites and apps unrelated to what they are watching on television.

Less Than One-Third of Top Consumer Web Sites Are 'Trustworthy,' Online Trust Alliance Finds

A new OTA report names American Greetings the most secure e-commerce site. Enters the Wearables Market with Salesforce Wear

The set of six open-source applications enables developers to build custom enterprise apps.

Liveclicker Delivers Dynamic Messaging Capability with RealTime Email Solution

Customized messages range from embedded videos and live messages to timers and social media feeds.

Big Blue Makes Key Cloud Announcements at IBM Innovate

IBM launches SAP apps on Softlayer, opens a data center in Hong Kong, and updates Bluemix with DevOps.

SugarCRM Maximizes Efficiency for RedGlaze Network of Companies

The management platform builds strong results across the workforce of a diverse architectural and engineering group.

Is Overcouponing Hurting Your Business?

Marketers need to take back control over brands' coupon strategies.

Adobe Reaches for the Peak at Its Annual Event

Adobe is emerging as a key marketing player, but still has a way to go before competing with the top dogs.

Finding the Soft Edge

Solid strategy and great execution are just two sides of the long-term success triangle.

SAP Launches Three Industry-Specific Customer Engagement Solutions

Cloud solutions for the insurance, utilities, and retail verticals promise more customer centricity.

Gartner Customer 360 Summit Day Two: A 'Nexus of Customer-Driven Forces' Is Shaping the Digital Future

Companies need to rethink their approaches to transparency, personalization, and social interactions.

Gartner Customer 360 Summit: Crossing the Digital Chasm Requires Cultural Changes

Digital customer service success starts at the top.

DBTA Data Summit Day 2: Big Data Strategy Means Finding the Right Tools for the Right Job

People, processes, and emerging technologies are driving the shift in big data.

Big Data Is Bringing Big Changes, Speakers at DBTA Data Summit Agree

Traditional processing and modeling approaches 'just don't cut it anymore.'

Genesys and Zendesk Form Alliance to Bring Voice to Customer Service Solutions

The integrated solution routes help desk voice interactions directly to customer support employees.

SAP's Vishal Sikka Resigns; Leaves Company at a Crossroads

SAP faces a choice between building a platform or keeping up with the cloud race.

Oracle's Mark Hurd Talks Integration at Official Marketing Cloud Unveiling

The new platform promises to tie together all of Oracle's recent acquisitions.

Moving Toward Agile Selling

Today's sales professionals must be quicker thinkers and learners.

The 6 Types of Twitter Conversations

Social Media Research Foundation takes a social snapshot.

The Evolution of the MBA

What business schools are doing to better prepare your future employees.

URX Drives Repeat Traffic to SeatGeek's Mobile App

Ad retargeter helps ticket aggregator's ad click-through rate rise to triple the industry average.

IBM Launches Cloud Marketplace for the Enterprise at IBM Impact

The new offering represents a 'consumerization of the cloud.'

Yesware Launches Mail Merge to Boost Sales Email Efficiency

New tool enables salespeople to send highly personalized emails to hundreds of potential customers.

Context, Not Campaigns, Is the Future of Marketing

Marketers must use personal interaction data to build a 'contextual marketing engine,' according to Forrester Research

Curalate Extends Its Visual Analytics Platform to Tumblr

Curalate's solution derives insight from the 75 percent of Tumblr posts that contain no text.

B2B Marketers Must Stop Relying on Customer Data Found In-House, Forrester Research Finds

Marketers should embrace external, nonobvious sources to determine how buyers make purchasing decisions.

Marketo Launches Customer Engagement Platform, Announces Strategic Partnership with Acxiom

Introduced at the Marketing Nation Summit, Marketo's solution features applications for real-time personalization, calendaring, and SEO optimization.

4INFO Launches AdHaven Bullseye MultiScreen (Video Interview)

The multiscreen solution will improve campaign targeting and delivery by measuring actual sales.

Spreadshirt Draws New Sellers—and Sales—with Targeted Testing

Optimizely's A/B testing capabilities increase conversions by more than 600 percent.

13 Digital Marketing Myths, Debunked

The real answers to those burning questions about email, social media, mobile devices, and big data.

Wearables Will Be a Marketing Winner

Estimated to generate more than $3 billion in 2014 alone, wearable technology units could skyrocket by 2020.

Demystifying the Brand Building Process

The seven simple principles every company needs to know.

Marketo Adds C9's LeadMap to LaunchPoint Ecosystem

The predictive analytics app provides a more holistic view of the sales pipeline.

Marketers Need to Reinvent Themselves, Adobe Execs Urge at Day Two of Adobe Digital Marketing Summit

The majority of marketers expect their roles to change next year, but few know how to handle it.

Adobe Announces Strategic Partnership with SAP, Touts Updates to Marketing Cloud at Adobe Digital Marketing Summit (Video Interview)

Adobe's innovations surround deeper Marketing Cloud integrations, the real-time enterprise, and mobile marketing.

Genesys Acquires Social Customer Care Provider Solariat

With the acquisition, Genesys aims to expand its social media engagement capabilities.

CIOs Are Pushing for More Innovation, Constellation Research Finds

As CIOs embrace new responsibilities, a chief digital officer role may emerge in the C-suite.

Nimble Adds Smart Summary to Relationship Management Platform

Nimble's dossier-like Smart Summary feature provides a brief yet detailed snapshot of customer data.

SAP and Accenture Launch Joint Business Solutions Group

The SAP-Accenture partnership will accelerate the time to value for joint solutions.

Silverpop Launches E-Commerce-Focused Marketing Automation Solution

The solution is the first of several industry-specific offerings to be released.

Adobe Integrates Digital Publishing Suite and Adobe Experience Manager

Integration promises to streamline publishing and management into a unified content creation process.

Can Bitcoin Be Trusted?

The cryptocurrency gains momentum despite its value volatility.

Influencing Customers in the Age of Information

A Stanford professor shares insights on the shift from relative to absolute consumer decision-making.

ReachLocal Launches LigerMobile for Creating Hybrid Mobile Apps

LigerMobile framework combines native app capabilities with cross-platform efficiency.

Oracle Buys Big Data Platform BlueKai to Extend Marketing Cloud

BlueKai's data management platform will bring added personalization to Oracle's marketing programs.

Teradata Updates Customer Interaction Manager with Predictive Analytics

In its seventh edition, Customer Interaction Manager puts actionable insight in the hands of marketers.

SocialWire Dynamic Product Ads Solution Boosts Order Values, Click-Through Rates

The platform promises results through synergy between organic search and Facebook ads.

As Marketers Embrace New Tactics, Experian Studies Find Email Is Still King

Thanks to pop-up windows and responsive design, email remains the top marketing channel.

BehaviorMatrix Secures Patent for Digital Emotional Data Capture

New platform will give advertisers deeper insight and enable a higher level of personalization.

Clipster Launches Redesigned Video Marketing Platform for YouTube

The updated platform enables marketers to better customize YouTube gadgets for in-video advertising.

Augmented Reality Is a Real Marketing Tool

Generating roughly $300 million in 2013. AR apps are catching marketers' attention.

Card-Linked Marketing Delivers Personalization

Merchants and banks tie sales to past purchase behavior.

Building Brand Loyalty (Video Interview)

Turn your customers' passion into a long-lasting brand relationship.

The Future of Email Marketing

Along with mobile, new tools and technologies are changing email marketing—is your brand ready?

Toyota Targets Its Social Media Campaign with Social Syndication Hub

SimpleFeed's predictive publishing capabilities deliver a 53 percent lift in engagement

Savo Acquires StoryQuest; Reveals Record Revenue Growth in 2013

Savo attributes a 30 percent increase in new client engagement to new products and key partnerships.

GoDaddy Launches Get Found to Help SMBs Boost Sales

GoDaddy's Get Found solution will keep SMBs' contact information up to date.

B2B Marketing Budgets to Increase by 6 Percent in 2014

Marketers face pressure to justify budget increases with revenue results, a Forrester study shows.

IBM Commits $1.2 Billion to Expand Its Cloud Network

The investment doubles the data centers running on SoftLayer architecture.

Salesfusion Secures $8.25 Million in Series B Funding from Noro-Moseley Partners, Other Investors

Salesfusion seizes 2013 momentum to continue expansion in marketing automation space.

Adobe Integrates Adobe Campaign with Adobe Experience Manager

The combination will strengthen Adobe's marketing cloud offering.

Logi Analytics Launches Logi Vision, Reaffirms Commitment to Deliver "Analytics Everywhere"

New platform promises to bring data discovery and analytics to business users, not just data scientists.

Verint to Acquire Kana Software for $514M

The deal expands Verint's cross-selling opportunities within the customer service market.

Pizza Hut Slices Customer Base with Segmentation

Capillary Technologies delivers results through consumer behavior intelligence and targeted time-focused campaigns.

Marketing in the Wake of a Disaster

Lessons learned from Superstorm Sandy.

The Key to Delivering Amazing Customer Service

Shep Hyken outlines Ace Hardware's secrets to going beyond 'satisfactory.'

Forrester Releases Wave Report on Social Media Marketing

Seven companies are named as top providers of social media marketing management.

IBM Signs Agreement to Acquire Aspera; Complements $16B Investment in Big Data Space

Aspera's capabilities will shrink large data file transfer time from hours to seconds.

Relevvant Partners with Mobile Engagement Solution Provider OpenMarket

As SMS makes a comeback, OpenMarket's solution will extend Relevvant's deep personalization capability to mobile.

Biscom’s SecureMail Delivers Secure File Transfer for SMBs

The new cloud-based SecureMail promises government-level security.

Marketo Acquires Insightera, Puts Israel 'on the Digital Marketing Map'

Marketo's acquisition means deeper integration for Insightera customers.

Ecommerce Solution Provider 3dcart Partners with Kount to Combat Fraud

A pioneer of Bitcoin-friendly software for retailers, 3dcart aims to make online selling more secure.

Gmail's Tabs Are Hurting Marketers, an Epsilon Study Finds

Epsilon's research on Gmail tabs reveals failing click and conversion rates.

Brainshark and Profitable Channels Offer Content Self-Assessment Tool for Marketing and Sales Teams

The free survey delivers insight on content effectiveness.

Online and Mobile Sales Surge Amid Disappointing Black Friday Numbers

Consumers spent $1.7 billion less over the weekend than they did last year, but online and mobile sales grew by 15 percent.

Ascena Retail Groups Stands Out in the Inbox with Orchestrated Marketing

Responsys helps the specialty online retailer boost productivity and revenue.

Enter Word of Mouse Marketing

How businesses can benefit from the latest technology innovations.

At Oracle OpenWorld, Big Data Plays a Big Role

Oracle unveils an in-memory database at its annual OpenWorld conference.

Social Shifts Drive Multicultural Marketing

As minorities climb in social status, marketers must seize new opportunities. Addresses Claims of Cheating at Dreamforce's $1 Million Hackathon

Winners Thom Kim and Joseph Turian did not submit a new app, accusers say.

At Dreamforce Day 2, Unveils the Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud

ExactTarget Marketing Cloud is part of the new Salesforce1 Customer Platform, which rolled out on Day 1. Plans to Unveil Salesforce1 at Marc Benioff's Dreamforce 2013 Keynote

A preview of Dreamforce 2013 and's new Salesforce1 platform

Demandbase Launches B2B Retargeting for Business Marketers

Demandbase's B2B Retargeting offers re-engagement opportunities through retargeted display ads.

Adobe Delivers New Model of Cross-Channel Marketing

Adobe Campaign's new cross-channel marketing platform nixes email CPM pricing.

Apmetrix Launches Mobile Advertising Exchange

Apmetrix's Mobile Ad Exchange will pay 85 percent of revenues back to publishers.

Ford's Futurist Sheryl Connelly Forecasts 'Game-Changing' Trends at Ad:tech Keynote

Social, economic, and political changes are driving global trends.

Nestle's Peter Blackshaw Delivers Ad:tech Keynote on Nestle's Digital Transformation

Social and mobile dominate digital marketing discussions.

Nimble Introduces Nimble Everywhere

The newest version of Nimble's social relationship platform offers Nimble Contact Widget in Gmail and Outlook.

SDL's Holiday Study Finds Consumers Willing to Pay More for a Positive Customer Experience

SDL evaluates customer experiences on preferred media, shopping times, and buying behaviors.

How to Build a Better Brand

Marketers must keep messages short, energetic, and simple.

Leverage the Human Brand

Incorporate the surprising psychology behind customer choice and loyalty.

Insert Humanity and Trust into Customer Relationships

It's more than listening; it's incorporating feedback into the enterprise.

Social CRM Takes Center Stage

Social CRM should be about people, not technology.

Cause Marketing Engenders Loyalty

Emotional engagements are the key to cementing long-term customer relationships.

Gigya Gets Gamification

Boyd Gaming uses social infrastructure to nurture engaged advocates.

Axceler Finds Success in Lead Generation

Postwire helps the software company attract higher-quality leads.

LiveRamp and Videology Partner for Data Integration on Video Platform

Server-to-Server integration sets new bar for data-driven cross-screen advertising.

Pinterest Raises $225 Million in Funding; Inks Deal with Getty Images

Pinterest's new partnership with Getty Images could open doors for advertisers.

SAS Premier Business Leadership Series Keynotes Offer Guidelines for the New Generation

Day two speakers deliver lessons on leadership and provide insight on millennials in the workforce.

SAS Study Reveals Consumers Want More Personalization, Despite Privacy Concerns

Six in ten consumers see an improvement in personal communications from businesses.

SAS Executives Unveil Goals, New Partnership with SAP

On the first day of SAS's Premiere Business Leadership Series, SAS CEO Jim Goodnight talks up the company's support of education.

Oracle Acquires Content Marketing Provider Compendium

Compendium will integrate with Oracle's marketing automation unit, Eloqua.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Forms Strategic Alliance with InsideView

The new partnership will bring Social Insights to the cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online service.

Marketo Introduces the Dialog Edition, Its Newest Email Marketing Solution

The Digital Edition helps marketers transition to automated email campaigns.

HP Autonomy Unveils HP Digital Marketing Hub

HP Digital Marketing Hub will enable delivery of personalized content based on real-time analytics.

Yahoo! Acquires Bread, a URL Shortener and Ad Service

Bread employees will join Yahoo! to work on new solutions for social and mobile advertisers.

Swiftpage Launches Saleslogix Mobile 3.0 and Mobile-Only Subscription Option

Saleslogix Mobile 3.0 gives users a complete, fully customizable mobile CRM solution.

Marketing Firm Emailvision Rebrands, Changes Name to SmartFocus

New name emphasizes focus on real-time, personalized cross-channel marketing.

Pursway Secures $7.2 Million in Funding from Battery Ventures and Globespan Capital Partners

The investment is earmarked to help meet increased demands in data-driven marketing technology.

Leadspace Integrates with Marketo to Boost B2B Lead Conversion

Marketo users can now auto-qualify and enhance Web leads.

Arts and Crafts Retailer Learns the New Language of Social Media

Curalate helps Michaels launch image-centric promotion.

Online Bike Retailer Pedals Forward with Customer Retention

Retention Science helps BikeBerry engage and keep customers.

Starbucks: Building an Inspiring Brand

It's not just about the coffee.

Marketing Email Open Rates Jump

Nearly a third of marketing emails are viewed—a major increase compared to recent years.

Tag Management Gains Traction with Marketers

Ninety-four percent call it crucial for customer data integration.

Digital Advertising Gets Personal

Improve customer engagement with real-time marketing.

Tag Management Provider Tealium Announces AudienceStream

The real-time audience discovery platform will help marketers leverage big data.

At Oracle OpenWorld Day Three, It's All About the Customer

In the age of the empowered consumer, customer experience teams need to "step it up."

Oracle Debuts New Cloud Services

Company introduces Cloud Marketplace, new Sales Cloud capabilities.

Oracle's Ellison Debuts In-Memory Database, Kicks Off OpenWorld

New option means databases can process billions of rows and columns at "ungodly speeds."

At Oracle OpenWorld Day Two, Speed of Big Data Processing Plays Starring Role

Data has no value unless you mine it quickly and effectively.

Demandbase Lets ExactTarget Customers Personalize Content, Online Forms

Personalization will help ExactTarget customers increase Web conversion rates.

Brandwatch Launches Vizia, a Social Media Analytics Solution

The platform reinvents the traditional social media command center.

Full Circle CRM Partners with Silverpop

Silverpop customers now have access to key marketing campaign performance analytics.

SAVO Touts New Sales Enablement Technology

Updates to solutions help guide sales reps through buying cycle.

InboundWriter Releases Platform to Make the Most of Content Marketing

Company says Web site content has only 10 percent to 20 percent chance of success. Unveils Salesforce Files

The company renames Chatterbox and leverages its EntropySoft acquisition.

Salesfusion Raises $800,000 in Funding

The marketing automation company hires Christian Nahas as new CEO.

Luxury and Discount Retailers Seize Digital Marketing Momentum

With no one-size-fits-all solution, companies strive to stand out to core customers.

Consumers Call Personalized Email Marketing 'Superficial'

Marketers and consumers are on different pages when it comes to email marketing effectiveness.

Creating Brand Promoters

Expressing genuine interest in customers is key to extraordinary service.

Marketers Struggle with Big Data

Nearly half of marketing executives don't use big data to understand customers.

Infor Delivers New Inforce Technology

New tools improve connectivity between ERP and CRM operations.

Asia-Pacific Mobile Marketing Budget Expected to Get Big Boost

Survey finds that one-third of marketers' budgets are expected to rise by 75 percent.

Why Your Social CRM Is Failing

Roughly 50 percent of companies are unsuccessful at social CRM.

At Day Two of CRM Evolution, Social CRM Takes Center Stage

Social CRM should be about people, not technology.

Customers Should Be Key 'Analytics Engines' for Companies

Consumers' reviews are honest, and their feedback counts.

Report Provides New Insight on Brand Influence over Buying Behavior

Consumers with a strong passive-stage bias consider fewer brands, MEC study shows.

Smartphone Users Spent More Time on Retail Sites, Study Reveals

Time spent on mobile retail sites is up 400 percent since 2010.

ActiveCampaign Unveils New Marketing Automation Feature

Improvements and added functionalities shift company focus to SMBs.

B2B Marketers Must Tackle Expanding Roles

New responsibilities extend beyond their original skill sets and training.

Breaking Out in a Competitive Marketplace

The customer holds all the answers.

InsightSquared Partners with OpenView Venture Partners

OpenView gains access to key business analytics and benchmarking tools

Vtiger CRM Adds Integrated Email Campaigns for Businesses

Company strengthens its cloud CRM package targeted email tool.

Canadians Want More Mobile Marketing, New Study Reveals

Fifty-eight percent say they would like more promotional offers.

Majority of Americans Now Own Smartphones, New Study Shows

Smartphones make up 56 percent of all devices currently in use.

ExactTarget Launches HubExchange App Marketplace

Platform brings marketing technologies and data together. Finalizes ExactTarget Acquisition

New partnership creates a ‘world-class' marketing platform.

Tag Management Gains Importance with Marketers, New Study Says

Ninety-four percent call it crucial for customer data integration.

Copernicus and Carat's Advanced Analytics Group Join Forces

Partnership promises to bridge the gap between consumer insights and marketing analytics.

Email Open Rates on the Rise, Trend Report Suggests

Rates rose to 31.1 percent, a major increase over recent years.

StreamSend Introduces Automatic Automation Solution

Email marketing strategy promises to deliver better customer engagement.

Adobe to Acquire Neolane for $600 Million

Acquisition adds strength to Adobe's Marketing Cloud.

Visible Technologies Expands Analytics Platform

Visible Intelligence helps marketers measure effectiveness of social campaigns.

Marketo Forms Key Partnerships

RingRevenue, MarketStar services now available to Marketo users.

Companies' CX Realities Don't Line Up With Their Goals

Firms must reframe their approach to meet new market challenges.

Swiftpage Releases Built-for-Mobile CRM

Saleslogix CRM software now available for in-field users.

Customer Experience Needs to 'Mature'

Forrester urges firms to tailor their CX approach to connected customers.

Deloitte Explores Mobile Potential

New report says business is becoming mobile-centric.

Geoscape and Environics Analytics Launch Joint Market Intelligence Platform

Geoscape Intelligence System (GIS) Canada provides actionable insights to reach multicultural consumers.

ClickFuel Releases Mobile App for SMB Customers

Solution enables real-time lead tracking and management.

Marketers Struggle with Big Data, Survey Reveals

Forty-five percent of executives don't use big data to understand customers.

Brand Networks Announces $68 Million in New Funding, Unveils Social Marketing Stack

With new investment, company plans to focus on developing markets.

Anametrix Introduces Social Analytics

Solution unifies social media and paid campaign data in real time.

B2B Marketers Embrace Expanding Roles

New study suggests CRM vendors should take notice.

Optify Offers "Light but Dynamic" CRM Solution for SMBs

Software provider extends Optify Connect to small and mid-sized businesses.

Branded Content Marketing Sees Increase in Importance

More than 70 percent of brands and agencies surveyed plan to spend more on it next year.