BlueConic Launches Quick Connections Tool to Enable Data Source Integration

Marketing engagement platform provider Blueconic has debuted Quick Connections, its new tool for integrating companies' existing marketing solutions. Blueconic's original platform is designed to build customer profiles from cross-channel data, build visual representations of that data, and eventually enable marketers to translate insight into campaign actions that promise to drive conversion rates and loyalty. Quick Connections is an extension of this existing solution that aims to make customer profiles more holistic by incorporating data from outside systems.

"Our design philosophy and the reason why we built this solution is true cross-channel marketing," Bart Heilbron, CEO of Blueconic, explains. "Historically, marketers were experts at one or two channels. You had email marketing experts, for example. But what we noticed is that if you want to take a really individual approach to customer engagement, you have to flip the model. Marketing shouldn't be a siloed activity tied to one channel. It should be tied to the customer, and should be designed with all the channels a customer interacts with in mind."

Quick Connections was built as a layer that rests on top of Blueconic's existing system, and thanks to its open platform, can easily be connected to other software that marketers rely on. Blueconic's customers include large corporations such as Volvo and financial services giant ING, and enterprise companies of their size have unique marketing software ecosystems and needs.

"The companies we work with could have maybe fifty to 100 software applications that they are using at the same time, for different things. They may be using Salesforce for CRM and IBM for analytics, and Oracle for a third thing. But these solutions need to be in conversation with each other, and companies need to have quick connecting capabilities that make it easy to connect the siloed data from these different systems," Heilbron explains.

The cloud-based solution uses a plug-and-play mechanism, which allows marketers to deploy integrations as plugins through Blueconic's Web-based user interface. Users can implement one of the standard connections that Blueconic makes available through its gallery, or they can build their own plugins, since Blueconic's solution is built on an open platform.

As part of the Quick Connections product launch, Blueconic has also introduced a number of new Platform Plugins, including tools for segmentation and widgets for data recovery. In total, the company offers over 100 plugins, not counting the ones built by individual companies for custom use.

"Our priority has always been to not only fit into customers' existing ecosystems of solutions, but [also] help them derive higher value and ROI on their existing systems," Heilbron says. "Whether an enterprise firm needs to bring together the solutions they have, or they need to integrate their software after an acquisition, Blueconic's platform can bring different data sources together to create a more complete customer profile that isn't broken up by silos and disconnected solutions," he adds.

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