BlueConic Introduces Pricing Tiers and Free Pyxis Offering

BlueConic, provider of a platform that analyzes customer data to help companies assess individual behavior across channels, yesterday introduced a free version of its offerings, as well as various pricing programs for paying customers.

According to Cory Munchbach, director of product marketing at BlueConic, the company’s technology is designed to help marketers "identify, understand, and interact," with their customers to more effectively engage them. Operating with a single line of code that can be placed on a digital page, the technology captures the data of visitors to various channels, including social media accounts, Web sites, and mobile apps. It then composes profiles for each individual and aggregates that individual’s activity across touchpoints associated with the brand. Those profiles are then stored within a database, and companies can draw conclusions about the customers’ interests based on the materials he's interacted with before determining their next steps. It can also reveal patterns and insights into certain types of customers and segments.

The free Pyxis option will give users access to all of the privileges of paying customers for up to six months, at which point the existing data will no long be stored unless the user opts into one of the five paid programs, starting at $750 a month for 100,000 profiles. Subscription models vary in price based on how many individual profiles have been stored. "The value of what we're doing here as a platform is coming from your profiles," Munchbach says. "Our expectation is that users will see the value they are getting from the profiles and want to keep them for as long as they possibly can, and then move into one of the higher tiers with unlimited data retention."

For BlueConic, the announcement is in its broader plan to differentiate itself from other vendors by offering greater transparency into its prices. Still relatively new at a year old, the company believes that to stand out, emphasizing price is one key to disrupting the industry, as well as an issue that has been on the minds of customers. A big problem in the market today, the company holds, is the lack of details surrounding pricing options.

"The fact that we’re publishing [our pricing methodology] and being open about what it includes, as well as what it entails, is fairly uncommon for our category," Munchbach says. "A lot of the other vendors will quote the basic cost and then almost immediately introduce additional costs for services or shipping costs. For us, putting a focus on customer experience is just as much of a mandate in B2B as it is in B2C. This sort of thing will show that we're being open and following through."

BlueConic caters to more than 70 customers, one of those being The Boston Globe, which Munchbach points to as a success story. "What we hear from [The Boston Globe’s] vice president of customer sales and marketing is that we're giving [the company] individual user profiles and they can use those actionable insights to really take personalization to the next level," she says. As a result, the publication has seen a more engaged audience, more subscribers, and increased advertising revenue.

BlueConic will be adding to the entry-level offerings in an upgrade that is scheduled for release in early August. "Mobile will be a big piece over the next couple months as well," Munchbach adds.

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