Nimble Introduces Nimble Everywhere

Nimble, a provider of social relationship management software, has released the latest version of its platform with several updates. The new version includes the addition of Nimble Everywhere, a feature that enables Nimble's Contact Widgets in Gmail and Outlook and gives users social insight on their contacts directly in their email inbox.

Throughout the workweek, people spend 28 percent—more than 13 hours—of their time working in their inbox, McKinsey and Company reports. With the introduction of Nimble Everywhere, Nimble is hoping to make this time more efficient and productive," Eric Quanstrom, Nimble's chief marketing officer and vice president of marketing and sales, says.

"We've created Nimble Contact Widgets that fit into the leading applications each business person lives in all day, every day," Nimble CEO Jon Ferrara adds. "By dropping the Nimble Contacts Widget into your work flow, now available in Gmail (as well as Outlook), you'll never go wanting for a complete profile of a contact ever again. The insights, histories, efficiencies, and productivity gleaned from Nimble social profiling is second to none."

With the Nimble Everywhere Widget, insight from Nimble's social relationship management tool is made available in the inbox, and not only contains information on a contact's social activity, but also groups together previous interactions including emails. "This makes following up with someone much simpler," Quanstrom explains.

Improvements to Nimble's platform also include a stronger recommending tool with the capability to recommend contacts based on profiling factors such as shared topics, matched keywords, and frequency of contact. After recommending a contact, Nimble can illustrate how a user is connected to the potential contact, or how other team members are connected.

Beyond information about the contact, Nimble enables effective interaction and follow-up through its contact management features. The new version of Nimble allows users to mark certain contacts as important, create stay-in-touch reminders, and assign tasks to team members. "Nimble's functionality allows users to keep in touch with contacts, but it also facilitates team relationships. Everyone has the option of assigning a task, such as following up with a client, to someone else on the team, and then seeing that task through," Quanstrom says.

"It's really going to make managing social relationships easier across the board," he adds.

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