Nimble Adds Smart Summary to Relationship Management Platform

Nimble, a CRM system provider for small businesses, today launched the Smart Summary feature on its relationship management platform and its mobile apps.

The Smart Summary now appears as a sidebar alongside the content customers are used to and provides key information from contacts' social profiles in a compacted way. The tool displays information, such as career background, company information, connections in common, educational background, geographic location, Klout influence score, and recent investments, and functions like a "personal assistant whispering information into your ear," Nimble's CEO, Jon Ferrara, says.

Nimble's mission, according to Ferrara, has always been to cut down the amount of time marketers and sales professionals spend researching their customers and leads before an interaction. "Nimble was born because people just spent too much time Googling their contacts. Now they can just Nimble them," he says.

While in the past, researching someone's social behavior online entailed searching for a name on Google and exploring that person's activity on each individual social network, Nimble's solution has simplified the process by compiling all relevant social information into one dashboard. The Smart Summary, Ferrara says, takes that simplification one step further.

"We're taking the already-condensed information that Nimble provides and making it even easier and quicker to digest," he explains. The daily updates also ensure that the information is not only detailed and organized, but also up to date.

"Smart Summary is another uniquely Nimble feature. When I go to a contact's record, suddenly I have a wealth of public information at my fingertips automatically," LinkedIn consultant Viveka von Rosen, said in a statement. "Smart Summary just fleshes out a picture of your contact beyond anything I've seen in other CRM products. It's a wonderful addition to Nimble's feature set."

The feature is particularly useful for teams that often need to share contact information efficiently. The Smart Summary sidebar has a Share button that connects directly to Gmail, inserts the summary into new email messages, and records the share in the dashboard's Pending and History tab. "This ease of share-ability positions Nimble as a powerful tool for making connections and introductions," Ferrara says.

Nimble's latest news comes just a few weeks after a new integration with Talkdesk, which automatically pairs everything from a customer's contact history, including tickets, notes, and cases from helpdesk systems, with the rich customer data provided by Nimble contact records.

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