Genesys Debuts the Latest Version of Its Customer Experience Platform

At the Enterprise Connect conference in Orlando, FL, Genesys introduced the latest version of its Customer Experience Platform, with updates that include customer journey analytics and monitoring, knowledge management, personalized multimodal self-service, and other new features. According to Genesys CMO Reed Henry, the platform is now more far-reaching and comprehensive than the omnichannel customer experience platforms offered by CRM vendors.

"I liken what CRM companies are doing to setting up a concession stand at an event, while we're like the guys that come into the audience to sell items. At a concession stand, the engagement is random, but the guys that come around the stands are able to zero in on customers during a time of need," Henry says.

The difference between the Genesys omnichannel customer experience platform and that of a CRM vendor such as Salesforce.com is that omnichannel solutions from CRM vendors focus primarily on sharing context across channels, which is "extremely important, but not enough to be a truly omnichannel platform," according to Henry. For one thing, most CRM vendors lack a native voice solution, which Genesys offers. Additionally, Henry maintains that Genesys' platform now enables users to orchestrate the customer journey, as well as inject multimodality capabilities and in-depth monitoring and analytics tools, which are all key elements of a "real omnichannel solution."

For example, the updated platform is equipped with personalized multimodal self-service functionality, which provides personalized self-service for customers in the channel (or mode) they prefer, and ensures that the context is carried through seamlessly as customers switch between channels. Similarly, Genesys' new omnichannel desktop not only provides agents with a single view of all customer interactions throughout the span of the journey, but also enables them to engage customers in any channel, including voice. And, thanks to an integration with Genesys' recently launched knowledge management tool, the omnichannel desktop can make recommendations about the next best interaction and channel based on the current context.

Other improvements include the omnichannel callback tool, which streamlines the customer service experience by enabling an automated callback to customers regardless of the channel through which they originally engaged. "It doesn't matter whether they trigger the callback from the Web or a mobile app—the callback is initiated and the agents on the other side have a deep understanding of the context of that call when it's connected. They see the customer's journey up to that point and can offer a better call experience," Henry explains.

Genesys will be demonstrating the updated platform at Enterprise Connect this week. "The solution is much more than just a sophisticated, contextualized system of record," Henry says. "It's a tool for omnichannel journey management and orchestration," he adds.

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