Verint Engagement Analytics Offers 'Unprecedented' Cross-Channel Analytics

Heavily siloed, customer engagement data is often disjointed and doesn't give marketers, sales professionals, and customer service representatives a holistic view of the customer journey. To tackle this all-too-familiar issue, Verint Systems has launched Verint Engagement Analytics, a tool that promises to deliver real-time analytics that not only give organizations streamlined cross-channel insight, but also operationalize the insight for front-line operations, according to Koren Stucki, director of voice of the customer solutions marketing at Verint.

Verint Engagement Analytics is a cloud-based software and services package that captures customer, employee, transaction, and interaction data, and makes it accessible in a single unified view. The solution can take data from all channels into account, including Web and mobile activity, phone interactions, emails, chats, secure messages, case notes, social media messages, desktop activity, employee performance, and survey responses.

Once the data is collected, the tool uses algorithms to generate relevant metrics (such as a customer satisfaction score), map the rest of the customer journey, and engage the Actionable Intelligence tool, which works to interpret customer behavior and predict further actions. "It looks on the customer side and the employee side to determine what works and what doesn't, and can recommend what the best course of action is in different situations," Stucki says.

For example, organizations can evaluate which customer engagements require the most effort based on employee feedback, or which are the most effective in terms of the customer satisfaction score. Companies can also segment and target journey maps to zero in on key interactions and better understand why common issues arise. The result, Stucki explains, is a solution that can analyze engagement in real time. "A lot of the time, companies know how to collect the right data, but can't aggregate it in a way that looks at the performance across key channels and makes the information usable. That's why it's important that Engagement Analytics can contextualize the data," she says. 

What makes the solution particularly powerful, however, is that it also leverages Kana capabilities to trigger actions for customer-facing employees. "Verint Engagement Analytics combines the strengths that Verint and Kana have individually to deliver a solution that makes cross-channel insight actionable in front-line systems," Stucki says. The Engagement Analytics tool incorporates a combination of Kana customer service solutions to close the loop between collecting rich insight on the entire customer journey and operationalizing it to deliver a more personalized experience.

With deeper personalization as the ultimate goal, Engagement Analytics uses past engagement and predictions of future interactions to recommend the best actions for employees to take as well as trigger guided processes to help employees connect with customers. The tool is customizable, and organizations can add or modify its functionality as needs evolve, Stucki says. Because the real-time aspect of the solution allows employees to engage with customers whenever it's necessary, it "makes companies more customer-centric" and improves their customer service efficiency across its entire network of channels, she adds.

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