eClerx Launches Replatforming Accelerator to Speed Web Migrations

Replatforming can take a toll on an e-commerce site, typically slowing down performance and supporting less visitors than usual. With its Replatforming Accelerator, eClerx, a provider of business operation services, aims to simplify and speed up the process while ensuring that Web sites undergoing replatforming continue to run without service disruptions or delays.

Replatforming is a complex undertaking, Scott Houchin, managing principal at eClerx, says. If the migration between old and new platforms is not executed correctly, the result could be a drop in site visitors, lower conversion rates, and, ultimately, a loss of revenue. Furthermore, organizations that take the in-house implementation route often face other challenges, such as not having an adequate budget planned.

The eClerx Replatforming Accelerator can eliminate those roadblocks. Through process automation, the tool can help companies with content migration and strategy; search optimization across both search engines and site search tools; product data migration and management; Web analytics and tag management, including tag standardization and postlaunch tag audits; site testing support; project management user interface development; and digital asset management.

When it comes to tag management, for example, the Replatforming Accelerator tool can help not only with the initial implementation, but with postlaunch support as well. "The IT teams don't want to do this type of work anymore. It's very task driven, very tedious work. And marketers don't want to wait for IT. That's where we come in," Houchin says. "When organizations are ready to move from a legacy environment to a new environment, we help them implement the new solution—that's the coding piece of it. The second piece is around quality testing," Houchin says.

The biggest challenge with setting up a tag management environment, he explains, is making sure all the tags are firing and that you're getting the reports and results. "All the tags need to continue to fire in a particular order, so a lot of effort goes into that. Once you've got the set-up and testing done, then our work is focused largely on reporting analytics insights in those reporting suites," Houchin adds.

As companies tackle Web site replatforming challenges, a common concern is that those tasked with the migrations are focusing too much on the technological aspects of the migration and not enough on the broader organization needs that the project is addressing. Regardless of how a replatforming is taking place or which technology is being used, Houchin recommends viewing the project from a holistic perspective. "It's not just about 'what is happening on my Web site.' You've got to think about all of your marketing channels—email, events, social. That means you'll need all your heads of demand generation to agree on one thing, you need the legal team to be on board, and you'll need IT to implement it. Generally what we see is you need think about it a sustained process that involves your whole team," Houchin explains. EClerx's Replatforming Accelerator can streamline this entire approach, he says, and eliminate much of the headache.

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