Yesware Launches Mail Merge to Boost Sales Email Efficiency

Yesware, a company that helps salespeople connect with leads and prospects through email in a measurable way, has introduced Mail Merge—a tool that can send out as many as 200 emails at once without forfeiting the high level of personalization that Yesware can provide for a single email. "Email personalization is traditionally a classic case of making a choice between quality and quantity, and with this tool, sales teams don't have to make that choice anymore," Matthew Bellows, founder and CEO of Yesware, says.

Yesware's Mail Merge tool works by using a mass email template as a starting point and customizing it with personalized information including names, company information, dates, and other details. Though the technology is not new, what makes the solution unique is that it implements Yesware's deep email tracking capabilities.

Yesware was a company born out of necessity. When Bellows was a salesman, he recalls, he was often asked to put a numerical value on the likelihood that a deal would close and struggled to do so, having only the number of emails he had sent to show for his sales efforts. With Yesware's technology, salespeople have much more information—built to work with Gmail, Yesware tracks and compiles key email information, recording activity such as when an email was opened, whether an attachment was viewed, which links were clicked, and how many times each interaction occurred. "Sales teams are no longer sending messages into this black box," Bellows says. "There's much more insight available to them regarding what happens after they hit send," he adds.

The information, which is organized and charted, can be filtered to display certain characteristics (i.e., opened, but not replied) and added to the organization's CRM system as well. For the time being, Yesware's strongest integration is with Salesforce, but the company offers "lighter" integrations with other CRM systems as well, according to Bellows.

In addition to email tracking, Yesware also allows sales teams to perform A/B testing on the emails they send using a variety of sales messaging templates. "Based on the tracking insight that sales teams get, they can determine which templates and what types of messages resonate most with customers," Bellows says.

With the new Mail Merge tool, users can leverage the tracking and testing technology that Yesware provides on a greater scale. "Companies can upload a list of people with different characteristics, group them together based on different characteristics to create highly customized emails, and then get reports on who opened the emails and how they interacted with them," Bellows explains.

As of April 2014, Yesware has more than 450,000 users and has raised roughly $20 million in funding. On the horizon for the company is developing solutions for other ESPs. "We've started with Gmail because so many sales teams rely on it that if felt like a natural place to start," Bellows says. "But we're definitely thinking about other solutions, especially as we continue to expand our offering with tools like Mail Merge."

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