• September 28, 2011

Yesware Launches New Generation of Sales Productivity Services

Yesware, a provider of sales productivity tools, today launched its cloud-based email productivity solution for salespeople, and also announced  its first round of funding from Google Ventures, Foundry Group, and several prominent angel investors.  

Available now for Gmail and smartphones, Yesware provides email analytics, customizable templates, and CRM integration Yesware works with CRM platforms from Salesforce.com, Microsoft, Oracle, Highrise, and many others. 

To help salespeople gauge interest, Yesware’s tracking features report on the time, number of times, location, and platform that the recipient opens an email. One Yesware report prioritizes email conversations by customer engagement so salespeople can spend more time with interested prospects. Depending on their email readers, recipients can either opt-in or opt-out of Yesware’s tracking feature. 

"We use Gmail together with Salesforce.com, so Yesware is a great sales productivity tool for us. I use Yesware's tracking feature to see when a prospect opens my mail, where he is, and if he's mobile or at his desk. Then I know when and where to follow up on the information I sent," Greg Drinkwater, an account executive at Stack Overflow, said.

Key features that are part of Yesware’s initial rollout include the following:

  • Integrated Sales Templates – customizable email templates for every stage of the sales process, from prospecting to closing the deal. Sales managers can use Yesware’s template system to provide their teams with clear, consistent messages so the right language is always used when communicating with customers. Compared with retyping common email messages, salespeople using Yesware can save an hour or more of sales time every day.
  • Automatic Synchronization between Email and CRM Systems – When toggled on, Yesware automatically saves all outbound email into any leading CRM system. Entering customer replies into the CRM takes only two mouse clicks. Using Yesware, CRM compliance increases and enterprise data improves. 
  • Activity-Based Reporting that provides objective metrics on how individual salespeople build rapport with customers, how their communications resonate in the marketplace, and how each member of the sales team spends his time. Sales teams gain valuable insights on customer interest and objections, and on ways to improve the sales processes.
  • Email Tracking – With Yesware’s email tracking feature, salespeople can monitor the activity around their email, including when and where they were opened and which device was used to open them. This gives the sales team crucial insights on the effectiveness of their messages. 
  • Yesware for Mobile Phones – Key Yesware reports, including tracking, activity, priority, and team reports, are available on modern smartphones. Salespeople away from the office can see exactly when prospects open their email. For salespeople with Android phones, Yesware offers a mobile application that allows users to send sales templates right from their handsets.

"We invested in Yesware because of how they turn a pain point into a productivity point. They take what for some is a chore—dealing with endless email—and turn it into an invaluable enterprise tool facilitating much of the sales process. We were impressed by the team's vision and product direction and look forward to working with them to deliver productivity gains for millions of professionals," said Rich Miner, a partner at Google Ventures.

"Our mission is to help salespeople close more deals faster. That means helping salespeople communicate more effectively and efficiently, reducing their data entry requirements, and providing them with key customer insights. This company launch is exciting, but we're just getting started. We aim to transform the way salespeople work," said Matthew Bellows, CEO and founder of Yesware  

Yesware for Gmail is free to individual salespeople at www.yesware.com. For sales teams, Yesware for Gmail is available on a per-seat subscription basis. Yesware for Android is available for a one-time purchase price of $4.99 via the Android Market.

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