ClickTale and Optimizely Partner to Integrate In-Page Analytics and A/B Testing
The integration of ClickTale's and Optimizely's solutions enables businesses to better understand customer Web behavior and boost the effectiveness of optimization tests.
Posted Nov 6, 2013
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ClickTale, a provider of in-page Web analytics, and Optimizely, a Web site optimization platform provider, today announced a partnership to integrate their complementary services into a comprehensive offering for businesses of all sizes.

Combining Optimizely's A/B testing platform with ClickTale's anonymous user session playback, heatmaps, conversion funnels, and form analytics, the offering enables businesses to pinpoint the most impactful sections of their Web sites, test different versions, and analyze how the changes affect customer behavior.

The integration of ClickTale and Optimizely provides businesses with a behind-the-scenes look at their visitors' precise online behaviors. ClickTale's flagship product, ClickTale Core, allows businesses to visualize online customer behavior by capturing every mouse move, click, hover, and scroll made on their Web sites. Optimizely offers an editor for creating A/B tests. Both services require only a single line of code added to each page being tested.

"By partnering with companies like Optimizely, we are able to offer our customers a complete cycle of optimization, from observing user behavior through testing a hypothesis to understanding the results of the test," said Tal Schwartz, chairman and CEO of ClickTale, in a statement. "ClickTale uncovers the insights of what to test, Optimizely provides the tools for the test, and ClickTale facilitates the understanding of the behavioral reasons behind why one version of the test was more successful."

"This partnership is a perfect merging of technologies: how better to increase the effectiveness of your A/B testing than by observing exactly how your customers react to each change?" said Dan Siroker, CEO of Optimizely, in a statement. "Furthermore, because both ClickTale and Optimizely offer plans suited for SMBs and enterprises, every one of our customers can benefit from the integration."

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